July 30 Daily Market Comments

Wednesday the Dow is trading lower, but the NASDAQ is trading higher and the transportation index is doing a potential bullish Harami. This disparagy between the indexes continues to reveal no dramatic change of investor sentiment, merely rotation of sectors. Continue to stay with the strong chart patterns, NQ and TWTR have produced huge profits today based upon the chart patterns indicating buying pressure over the past few days. Stay long, be selective, and be nimble.

July 29 Daily Market Comments

The Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 are all currently confirming the support line of the trend channel. Tuesday’s positive trading is creating MorningStar type signals. However, the transportation index is still not showing any great strength. Obviously, the indexes need to remain positive today to confirm the trend channel support. There are strong kicker signal’s today MDSO and AKS. Remain nimble.