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September 23rd Daily Market Comments

Anxiety! Elation! As a candlestick investor, the charts are going to show you the high probability of a price direction. If you wake up in the morning and feel anxiety, that means you are not positioned correctly. If you wake up in the morning with great anticipation for the trading day, that means you are positions correctly. Currently, if you are predominately short, or in cash, you are feeling very comfortable about your trade positioning.   … [Read More...]

September 22nd, 2022 Stock Chat with Stephen Bigalow

To Download recorded sessions; In order to download click on the link below, once on the video page you will click on the three-dotted vertical line located at the bottom right-hand side of the video player and click on “download” to save to your files. Stock Chat – Thursday 09/22/22 At the end of the webinar Steve announced his upcoming “The Ultimate Candlestick Training” event, which he’ll present on Saturday, September 24th. This full-day training workshop will provide you with visual perspectives that will improve your investing for the rest of your life. Click here for more information. … [Read More...]

September 22nd Market Wrap-Up

Strong trade entries are enhanced when knowing the general direction of the markets. Strong trade entries are greatly improved by knowing what the results are of a candlestick signal or pattern. When you put all the stars in alignment, accurately analyzing the general market trend, knowing the strongest candlestick reversal signals and patterns, utilizing high probability trend indicators, you dramatically improve your profit potential. Knowing what to expect after a candlestick signal allows for much more profitable trade results. Visually being mentally prepared for when a trade is not working allows an investor to keep their emotions completely out of their trading decisions. This current market trend has been producing very profitable short trades, both stock, options, and spreads. Join us Saturday for the Ultimate Candlestick Training. The step-by-step logic for analyzing the high probability results of a trade will greatly improve your ability to constantly be in high profit trades and keeping your emotions out of your decisions. https://youtu.be/ydKuZ5XIpQg   Chat session tonight at 8 PM ET. Click here to register. Good Investing, Stephen Bigalow … [Read More...]

September 22nd Daily Market Comments

Candlestick charts make trend is obvious. Sell signals and continued trading below the T line makes it very visually clear as to what investor sentiment is doing. The market downtrend makes individual stock analysis easier to evaluate. Numerous short positions looked a little bit testy yesterday but for one major factor, the T line! Although there had been some bullish trading in a number of short stock positions, they had not closed above the T line yet. Well most investors are anxiously waiting for their bullish positions to turn around, candlestick investors are enjoying good profitability.   … [Read More...]

September 21st Daily Market Comments

Although the overall market trend is down, it is doing so with a very choppy/oscillating manner. Today's Fed announcement will make the market direction more evident. Any new positions added today require very compelling signals or pattern confirmation, either bullish or bearish, otherwise it will be more prudent to wait to see what the market reaction is after the fed announcement.   … [Read More...]