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May 29th Daily Market Comments

Yesterday's dark cloud that formed in the Dow is confirming with the lower trading Today. If the Dow closes near the lower end of Today's trading range, expect a pullback to head back down to the T-line. If Today's trading in the Dow closes near the high end of the trading range, staying above the 3T-line, the slow uptrend is likely to continue going into next week. The NASDAQ trading lower but not with enough strength to bring it down through the T-line. Expect this to be a profit-taking/consolidation day.   … [Read More...]

May 28th Market Wrap-Up

The indexes produced some potential candlestick sell signals today. The Dow formed a Dark Cloud signal in the overbought condition. However, it is still trading an uptrend above the 3T line, let alone the T line. This implies there might be some profit-taking pullback but not necessarily a full-scale reversal. The NASDAQ, after forming a Hanging Man type signal yesterday, formed a Shooting Star Doji today. This makes the premarket futures a valuable insight into whether there's going to be some profit-taking over the next few days. A lower open would imply profit-taking tomorrow. This allows the candlestick investor to make a much more accurate assessment as to whether to take profits in long positions and add a few short positions to the portfolio. Numerous bullish positions showed indecisive/bearish potential signals today. The position cultivation process becomes simple when witnessing potential sell signals in overbought conditions. This allows for candlestick investors to take some profits in the higher risk positions that already have produce good profits and move those funds, either to short positions or long positions that are just now showing bullish signals in the oversold condition. This improves the probabilities for producing better profit potential, with less risk. Our positioning yesterday in TGI was based upon seeing a Fry Pan Bottom breakout going into earnings. Simple logic, candlestick analysis is the graphic depiction of everybody buying and selling during a specific time frame. If there is strong buying going into the close just before an earnings report, logic implies that people, that know what is going to occur in the company's earnings, are buying. The probabilities will put you in the right position at the right time. The candlestick patterns continue to work well, Fry Pan bottom's continue to show good profitability   Chat session tonight at 8 PM ET with Vince Vora. Click here to register. Good investing, The … [Read More...]

May 28th Daily Market Comments

Although the Dow opened much higher and immediately sold off, it was evident based upon the 10-minute chart that the buying was still in progress. The NASDAQ open slightly lower but immediately started trading higher. There still is not any evidence of very sentiment coming into this trend. Stay long. Numerous patterns are working extremely well. TGI frypan bottom breakout going into earnings provided good evidence that people in the know were expecting good earnings results.NBR fry pan bottom producing an uptrend with the expectation of filling the gap at $52. Utilizing the patterns during an uptrend produces much better profits than holding slow up-trending stock prices during a slow up-trending market.     … [Read More...]

May 27th Daily Market Comments

Funds are shifting. The text are selling off but are recommendations in the regional airlines and the specialty retailers are producing good profits. The Dow is trading positive, although below where it opened and the NASDAQ is trading lower. The nature of the market remains the same, a slow uptrend overall but with day to day oscillation. … [Read More...]

May 26th Market Direction

Investor sentiment is looking for good news! That can be seen in the candlestick charts revealing a steady uptrend in the overall markets with good strength exhibited on good news days. Another announcement of a potential vaccine provides bullish sentiment, anticipating the virus debacle will soon be over. It can be assumed as long as the market indexes continue to trade above the T line and in the up trending channel's, the uptrend will remain in progress. The longer the indexes continue to trade in a slow uptrend, the investor sentiment will change from expecting a retest of recent lows to anticipating if the markets can reach the high levels before the virus downtrend. Candlestick investors have the advantage of witnessing the strength of individual stocks based upon pattern breakouts. The breakouts become much more potent if the underlying market sentiment is not showing any bearish fears. Currently, the gap up in today's trading produces better probabilities of the Dow heading for the 200 day moving average. This would imply a few more days of up-trending markets. Crude oil prices continued to move higher. Having the ability to analyze a commodity provides additional evidence of a sector move. Oil stocks are continuing their up-trends. Simple visual analysis allows investors to participate in the strongest sectors, such as oil stocks as oil prices are recovering. The specialty retail sector has produced some very strong profits. Regional airlines showed good strength today with numerous best friend signal breakouts through resistance levels. Many stocks will move up during a slow up trending market. Knowing the strong bullish signals allows the candlestick investor to take advantage of the sectors/stocks that will show the most strength during an uptrend. Utilizing the T line in conjunction with candlestick signals provides a very high probability trend confirmation indicator. The strong profit combination is the identification of a strong candlestick … [Read More...]