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June 1st Market Direction

The definition of a bull market is an uptrending market in spite of massive negative news. The indexes continue their uptrend in the trend channel with both the Dow and the NASDAQ continuing to trade above the T-line. Today's positive trading occurring even though the news broadcasts filmed dozens of cities being burnt. Candlestick charts reveal what is actually occurring in investor sentiment versus what each of us may think should be occurring in the market trend. The slow uptrend of the markets indicates the lack of any great exuberance, merely steady buying. These types of market conditions allow for the candlestick patterns to work excessively well, not having investor sentiment concerned about any selling pressures. The J Hook pattern has produced a very good profits. Patterns have two major advantages. They produce extremely high probabilities of a direction of a price move and they also provide price moves much stronger than merely up trending stocks during an uptrend. Knowing the results of candlestick signals and patterns give you a competitive edge. ZM and CRWD produced very strong profits, a scoop pattern and a J-hook pattern. BYND is setting up for a scoop pattern breakout if it opens positive tomorrow. There have been numerous J-hook patterns setting up and producing profits ,FVRR, FSLY, DOCU, OKTA , and many more. Knowing which patterns will produce the biggest profits during an uptrend allows investors to maximize profitability when the markets are trading positive, essentially optimizing the term making hay while the sun shines. Candlestick signals and patterns dramatically improve the probabilities of making profitable trades and participating in trades that will produce large profits. Chat session tonight at 8 PM ET. Good investing, The Candlestick Forum team. … [Read More...]

June 1st Daily Market Comments

The definition of a bull market is the continuing of an uptrend even in the throes of negative news. After a weekend of watching looting and burning across the nation, the uptrend in the market indexes continue. … [Read More...]

Weekly Watch list June 1st – June 5th, 2020

Identifying and utilizing candlestick patterns produce two major advantages for investors. A candlestick pattern creates an extremely high probability of being in a trade moving in the correct direction and the magnitude of the move will be much greater than a mere up trending price during an up trending market. There are numerous J-hook patterns setting up heading into this coming week. Simple scanning techniques allows the candlestick investor to identify the J Hook pattern which has much better prospects of not only producing a profitable trade, but a much more profitable trades than merely up trending stocks during a slow up trending market. … [Read More...]

06/04/2020 Stock Chat with Stephen Bigalow

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May 29th Daily Market Comments

Yesterday's dark cloud that formed in the Dow is confirming with the lower trading Today. If the Dow closes near the lower end of Today's trading range, expect a pullback to head back down to the T-line. If Today's trading in the Dow closes near the high end of the trading range, staying above the 3T-line, the slow uptrend is likely to continue going into next week. The NASDAQ trading lower but not with enough strength to bring it down through the T-line. Expect this to be a profit-taking/consolidation day.   … [Read More...]