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January 22nd Daily Market Comments

Be aware of the selling starting to come into the markets. Although the small-cap stocks continue to trade strong, the big trading stocks are not showing any consistent strength. Oil stocks are obviously getting sold due to the new administration's apparent adversity to fossil fuels and more favorable to green energy. The general market indexes remain indecisive. The transportation index is selling off decisively. Keep safety stops in place.   … [Read More...]

1/21/2021 Stock Chat with Stephen Bigalow

In order to download click on the link below, once on the video page you will right-click on the video then hit “Save video as” to save to your files. Stock Chat – Thursday 01/21/21 … [Read More...]

January 21st Market Wrap-Up

Candlestick analysis is merely common sense investment perspectives put into a graphic depiction. The candlestick forum is enhancing that concept with the RARE program, research analysis reverse engineering. It can be used very effectively in extremely strong sectors that has technology leapfrogging over itself, putting companies with the latest improved technology ahead of its competitors. The electric vehicle sector is experiencing that right now. The biotech area is also a very strong area where technology improvements are creating dramatic price moves in individual companies. The RARE program is a simple process for identifying when dramatic new bullish sentiment is affecting a stock price. This leads to merely researching what has been announced that may continue to put a company ahead of everybody else in that sector. Will this lead to 700% price increases as seen in Tesla, or 1000% increases as seen in NIO. Not necessarily, but it produces a trading strategy that identifies companies that might now have big percent price moves because of their improvements in a sector. Click here to register The RARE program is also very effective for identifying which sectors are being influenced bullish or bearish upon outside influences. Obviously, the current outside influence is a new administration's policies. It becomes very easy to identify which sectors are going to be affected one way or the other. Currently, green energy related sectors are going to act positive. The oil sector appears to be heading into a bearish mode. Research analysis reverse engineering is not a difficult process, it is merely being alerted to something new happening in a companies fundamentals and then researching what that new information means to more upside potential. Join us January 30 for a comprehensive training on the logic and use of research engineering. It would definitely add to your perspectives for which areas will produce potentially the biggest profits. Try our free … [Read More...]

January 21st Daily Market Comments

The nature of the market remains the same! A slow steady uptrend allowing strong sectors to continue to perform well. There is nothing major as far as strategy changes, continue to hold long positions that trade above the T line. The next few weeks should reveal what new administration policies will do to investor sentiment on specific sectors. Use a candlestick scans to reveal bullish or bearish sentiment in each sector. Currently, stay predominately long until there is a major change of investor sentiment. … [Read More...]

January 20th Daily Market Comments

Inauguration day! Although the markets are trading positive Today, there continues to be a lot of funds shifting from sector to sector. Electric vehicles stocks are trading lower, opposite of what would be anticipated with a Democrat government. These market conditions still warrant having close stops and using the T-line as the ultimate trend factor.   … [Read More...]