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July 22nd Market Direction

  We will conduct a "Members Only" chat session tonight at 8:00 pm EST. Good Investing, The Candlestick Forum Team … [Read More...]

July 22nd Daily Market Comments

Over the past couple of weeks, the market indexes produced J-hook patterns, indicating the T-line was acting as support. But more importantly, the strength of the J-hook pattern moved the market indexes into all-time highs, breaking out through an 18 month resistance level. What if that breakout illustrated a new dynamic in investor sentiment, implying that another strong wave is about to begin. … [Read More...]

July 19 Daily Market Comments

Although the indexes are trading at the lower end of their trading range, they are illustrating the Bulls remain in control of the trend with the indexes staying above the T-line. This continues to provide a trading atmosphere where bullish candlestick patterns continue to perform. … [Read More...]

July 18th Market Wrap-Up

Candlestick analysis provides a completely common sense perspective of what price movements will be doing, It does not rely upon projections of which stocks/sectors are going to move bullish or bearish and then waiting to see if those projections are correct. Candlestick analysis is the immediate graphic evaluation of which stocks and sectors are getting bullish or bearish sentiment. This is been illustrated during the current market trend. Although the slow uptrend of the indexes has experienced an oscillating trend movement, specific sectors have clearly shown strong bullish or bearish trend movement. Gold and silver stocks have been exhibiting strong bullish charts, correlating with the strong bullish commodity charts of gold and silver. Crude oil stocks have produced good short trades corresponding with the strong current downtrend of crude oil. Producing consistent profits is not a difficult process when using candlestick analysis. It is merely learning the signals and patterns that are created by reoccurring human nature investment decision-making. Recognizing the strong chart patterns produces two basic results. First, it puts investment funds in the correct direction of a price move and secondly, the price moves are usually inordinately strong. A slow uptrend in the overall market creates slow uptrending price moves in most individual stocks. Taking advantage of the information built into candlestick patterns allows for producing inordinate profits during that same market price move. Currently numerous frypan bottom breakout's and J-hook pattern breakouts are creating big profits. Once an investor learns a simple techniques for analyzing the overall market trend, they produce the opportunity to make big gains in candlestick chart patterns that are corresponding with the overall market trend. Simply stated, candlestick analysis puts investment funds into the appropriate positions with a high degree of probability. Chat session tonight at 8 PM … [Read More...]

July 18th Daily Market Comments

Consolidation? Appears to be. The Dow has currently used the T-line as support. The NASDAQ and the S&P 500 trading lower but currently trading above the open. The transportation index is trading positive after the hard selling of yesterday. The T-line remains the crucial analytical tool. It will be important to see how the indexes close relative to the T-line Today. A pullback is obviously in progress. … [Read More...]