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Weekly Watch list July 13th – July 17th, 2020

The markets may be moving relatively sideways but that makes for a very profitable trading environment for the candlestick investor. As long as the overall market sentiment is not showing any bearish indications, bullish investor sentiment allows bullish candlestick pattern setups to perform with much greater profitability. There is a very simple logic to the profitability of candlestick analysis. The 12 major signals illustrate what is occurring in investor sentiment, demonstrating when a major change is occurring. Candlestick patterns illustrate the buildup of investor sentiment, producing high probability results. But there is a much stronger element when using candlestick signals and patterns. The combination of signals and patterns produce what we call the Top Ranked Signals and Patterns. These combinations produce extremely high probability and high-profit results. Our full-day training on the Top Ranked Signals and Patterns is scheduled for July 25. This 4 to 6-hour training brings all the logic of candlestick patterns into a fine point analysis. This is how you can maximize your time and your profitability. By knowing what signals and patterns produce the strongest results. https://special.stephenbigalow.com/top-patterns … [Read More...]

July 10th Daily Market Comments

The sideways mode of the market is still in process. The Dow and S&P 500 trading positive while the NASDAQ is trading slightly lower. However, the NASDAQ is currently forming a second hanging man signal. This warrants watching for any selling from this level, profit-taking in that index. Stay predominately long. Normally, would expect slow trading on a Friday afternoon during the summertime with everybody heading for the beach, but most beaches are still closed. New Jersey beaches, all you might do Today is some windsurfing.   … [Read More...]

July 9th Market Wrap-Up

Today's weakness in the Dow reveals the sideways mode of the market after it resisted at the 200-day moving average. However, the NASDAQ continues to trade higher. This combination indicates there is no major change of the overall market trend, merely shifting of funds from sectors to sectors. Big profits are being made utilizing the pattern breakouts. The slow curve breakout of ALT produced a 52% gain in the stock and with much greater returns in the calls. This is not to brag about being in a big price move trade, it is basically illustrating how utilizing the information built into candlestick patterns allows investors to be in the correct trade right at the ultimate entry points. Utilizing the patterns provided by candlestick charts allows an investor to identify the exact time to get into a trade, not having to wait around to see if that trade was going to work or not. Identifying the breakouts instigates adding a position right at the appropriate time. Numerous stocks have broken out of patterns this past week, producing excellent profitable trades. Adding the T-line as an indicator creates a trading strategy that takes the emotions out of when to close out a trade. A bullish price move can be maintained as long as there is not a close back below the T-line. These market conditions enhance the prospects of big bullish price moves when there is a lack of concern of bearish sentiment possibly reversing the markets. Currently, with the market trend more of a sideways mode, identifying bullish candlestick pattern breakouts are further enhanced.   Chat session tonight at 8 PM ET. Click here to register. Good investing, The Candlestick Forum team. … [Read More...]

July 9th Daily Market Comments

Political rhetoric still affecting the market trend. The Dow is back below the T-line currently selling off over 400 points. The NASDAQ is trading lower but still trading above the resistance level and above the T-line. Although the markets are selling off, there is still a good percentage of green on the watchlists. Continue to use the T-line as your ultimate indicator. … [Read More...]

July 7th Daily Market Comments

Although the Dow is showing some resistance at the 200-day moving average, the NASDAQ continues its steady uptrend. This combination reveals there is no major change of investor sentiment in the overall market trend. The big names continue to trade higher,TSLA, AAPL, NVDA. With the NASDAQ trading positive and the S&P trading lower but above where it opened, and all the indexes currently trading above the T-line, Today's trading merely reveals profit-taking in specific sectors. Stay long. … [Read More...]