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August 17th Daily Market Comments

When it becomes hard to find any good trades, either long or short, you have to realize your in a lethargic summer trading day. It may be more worthwhile to go to the beach. Today's current trading does not reflect any major bullish or bearish trend indication. Continue to hold positions, both long and short, but are continuing to confirm by staying above or below the T-line. Do not anticipate any major market movement on a late-summer Friday trading day. … [Read More...]

August 16th Daily Market Comments

After the market indexes bounced off the 50 day moving average yesterday and the transportation index close backup above the T-line, there was a strong indication any selling was going to be indecisive. Today's positive trading does not necessarily indicate there is going to be a strong bullish move, but it keeps the indexes in a sideways mode. These market conditions still warrant analyzing each individual stock/sector on its own chart movements. Continue to use the T-line as your ultimate trend indicator factor. Currently all the indexes have moved back up above the T-line.   … [Read More...]

August 15th Daily Market Comments

The escalating rhetoric of the trade wars has created a selling knee-jerk reaction that has taken the Dow and the NASDAQ back down to the 50 day moving average before starting to bounce back up. Obviously the lower open today indicated the potential bullish signals of yesterday were not going to confirm. Now the 50 day moving average becomes a viable support level to watch. Maintaining a heavier cash balance in the account is prudent until the August vacationing days are over. The T-line remains a viable trend indicator for existing positions.   … [Read More...]

August 14th Daily Market Comments

Today's positive trading in the markets still has to be watched with some skepticism. There are not any real reversal signals being exhibited in some of the indexes. It will be important to see how the markets close Today. A close above the T-line Today would indicate the upward trend channel is still the top prognosis. A close below the T-line would indicate the profit-taking/consolidation was still in progress. Stay predominantly long but be prepared to remain heavier in cash or adding a few short positions to the portfolio if the markets selloff before the close.   … [Read More...]

August 13th Daily Market Comments

Today's positive trading still needs to be viewed with some suspicion in regards to the Dow, it is still trading below the T-line. However, the NASDAQ trading much more bullish and trading above the T-line after the Doji at the T-line on Friday. … [Read More...]