Weekly Watchlist March 30th – April 3rd, 2020

Wouldn’t you like to put all the probabilities in your favor? Candlestick analysis does that for you. With great accuracy, you can analyze the direction of the overall market. You can then analyze which sectors are showing the strongest charts. And finally, you can identify which are the strongest individual stock chart candlestick signal/patterns that will produce the strongest price moves. This is putting all the stars in alignment.

This past week, the market indexes produced an extremely high probability reversal pattern, the McMuffin. Simple logic! The McMuffin is formed with a MorningStar signal, one of the 12 major candlestick reversal signals. Expectation? An upside reversal. It was immediately followed by a Doji sandwich, also producing high probability results, more upside. Adding these two signals together produces double the probabilities of more upside.

When you can see the direction of the overall market, simple candlestick scanning allows for the identification of which sectors are producing the strongest signals. Then it is a simple process to scan each sector for the strongest individual stocks. You now have identified trades that give you the highest probabilities of not only moving in the correct direction, but also with good strength.

The REITs are producing strong reversal patterns. Watch these stocks, VTR, ABR, EFC. The shipping sector is producing good bullish patterns. STNG, TNK. The specialized health sector has shown good reversal signals, APT, SDC, TVTY, EHC.

You will discover that you can sleep much better at night knowing that you have established positions in strong sectors enhanced with the strongest individual stock chart patterns in those sectors. Take advantage of this information, there are hundreds if not thousands of stock charts that are showing potential reversals. You want to be able to elevate your profitability by being in the best bullish charts.


Weekly Watchlist March 23rd-27th, 2020

You have probably been inundated with emails describing how the China virus has affected the markets. Does that do you any good? Wouldn’t you be more interested in knowing what the market is telling you now? Candlestick chart analysis provides a huge advantage. It provides information/signals that reveal when the buying has started.

Does that mean the whole market is starting to turn soon? Obviously not, but wouldn’t you like to visually recognize which stock/sectors are starting to be bought? Last week the signals revealed the grocery store stocks were getting bullish investments. This week another important sector is showing buying? When the markets are not showing any bullish resiliency and specific sectors are being bought, who do you think is buying? The smart money!

Simple candlestick chart analysis allows you to recognize and participate in price moves that are being formed by the smart money. This merely requires simple candlestick visual analysis. The most compelling factor I learned from candlestick analysis was that it was the actual decision-making process of investors, not projection, not conjecture, not sage advice, but actual decisions about buying or selling.

Oil and gas refineries and oil and gas pipelines are showing strong buy signals. Why would the smart money be buying those sectors? This is where you can apply reverse engineering. Why would the smart money be buying these sectors when crude oil has dropped to a multi-year low? Reverse engineering is stimulated by the buy signals, bringing attention to why those stocks are being bought.