Weekly Watch List – May 10th – May 14th

The strength in the Dow and the S&P 500 continues to make candlestick pattern breakouts producing very good profits. The transportation index also is producing sectors creating good profits. Although the NASDAQ traded positive on Friday, it still closed below the T line as a Doji-type day. This would allow for the prospects of the high-tech stocks still maintaining good short profitability. There are a good number of fry pan bottom patterns in the breakout mode.JBL is producing a scoop pattern set up, this would imply a positive open on Monday producing a strong bullish move.

The mining stocks, gold, and silver, copper, steel, and iron, are all producing strong bullish patterns.TRQ, TGB, KL, CLF, SA, KGC. Copper stocks, FCX, SCCO, COPX.
Regional airlines are producing good bullish patterns, AZUL, GOL, FWRD, CPA. The steady market uptrend allows for simple scanning to find the strong stocks and sectors. A great learning high-tech product is our mousepad with 12 major signals. Keep the graphics of candlestick signals at your fingertips. Click here to view our mousepad product.


Weekly Watch List May 3rd – May 7th

Although the market indexes are in a sideways mode, there are still some good strong bullish sectors. However, it will be very important to see how the market indexes open on Monday. The NASDAQ, on a lower open, would be creating a Dagwood signal, an evening star signal followed by a bearish Doji sandwich, an evening sandwich. The biotech sector continues to act strong, with co-vid related stocks showing good strengthVIRX, VXRT, OCGN, FREQ, TBIO, AMTI. The medical supply sector also continues to show good bullish chart patterns CTSO, LLIT, ORGO, HEXO, MRVL, TRHC. Restaurant stocks are showing strength in RRGB, BJRI, TXRH, CHUY, OSR. Keep in mind, entering trades in strong sectors still requires witnessing strength in the overall market trend. Obviously, if the premarket futures are showing the markets are going to open much lower, you do not want to be jumping into bullish trades. We have been getting many inquiries about the Candlestick Forum flashcard sets.

The candlestick signal set and the candlestick pattern set each consist of approximately 50 flashcards. This “high-tech” product has gotten a lot of positive feedback. It allows investors to learn the signals and patterns very quickly. Try it, it will be helpful.


Weekly Watch List – April 26th – April 30th

One of the most high probability candlestick patterns is the Doji sandwich. A strong candlestick signal followed by a Doji, will usually produce another strong candlestick signal on a positive open after the Doji. The Doji rule. The market indexes continue to trade above the T-line but are still in an indecisive stage. Fortunately, this allows for identifying strong bullish candlestick signals/patterns when the overall market trend is not illustrating any strong selling. The NASDAQ appears as if it wants to form a J-hook pattern. This would imply investor sentiment would remain bullish for the next few weeks. Anticipating wave 3 of the NASDAQ trend to be equal to wave 1. The electric vehicle sector picked up some strength with Biden announcing more money going into the electric vehicle sector.


Weekly Watch List April 19th – April 23rd

Candlestick signals produce an extremely high probability result. This is based upon observations and application by the Japanese rice traders over the centuries. Join us Saturday, April 24 for a mini spotlight training on the basics of candlesticks. This information will produce a new perspective on how to identify the changes of price trends. Wouldn’t you like to be able to identify high profit trade potentials on a consistent basis? Join us this Saturday. You will get much more information than you anticipate. Click here for more information.

The market trend is easily assessed knowing what each candlestick signal and pattern illustrate. This allows the candlestick investor to be positioned in the right trades at the right time. Currently, the uptrending indexes remain above the T-line, producing strong probabilities the uptrend remains in progress. This evaluation remains in place until witnessing a strong candlestick sell signal. Knowing there is not any major change in the current trend allows for taking advantage of the high profit candlestick pattern breakouts that produce big trade results. Knowing the 12 major signals produces a huge analytical advantage, whether using candlestick analysis as your primary trading method or applying it to any trading method that you are currently using. It will dramatically improve your analytical capabilities.


Weekly Watch List April 12th- April 16th

The Dow is showing good strength in the sense that is consolidating in the uptrend, revealing the lack of exuberance coming into the markets. The NASDAQ has picked up good strength ever since the best friend signal, followed by additional gap ups, revealing excessive strength in investor sentiment. The portfolio strategy remains simple. Continue to trade the candlestick pattern breakouts, which are performing well with the lack of any bearish sentiment showing in the overall markets. This also makes for good strong profits in option trades, as revealed in our option training this weekend. The benefit of candlestick analysis is it provides clear graphics of when the bulls are taking control with excessive strength. The best place to look for strong trades is identifying the candlestick powers signals that have developed in the oversold area. This creates high probability/high profit trade set ups.

Watch the biotech’s and the medical equipment stocks. The Biotech’s are showing good strength,CARA. ATNF,MRNA, GRFS and OCGN can be bought on strength. It was pointed out by Cramer this week. Expect some follow-through with the additional exposure. The medical equipment stocks are also acting well,EYES, STKS, EKSO. Although the market indexes remain in a good uptrend, trading is still reliant on strong sectors. These are being pointed out by simple candlestick scans.


Weekly Watch List April 5th – April 9th

You can maximize profits by applying the correct option trading strategy to the correct candlestick pattern breakout. Because candlestick analysis is simple, candlestick option trading strategies are simple also. You do not have to learn difficult option strategies. Join us this Saturday for a full day training on how to apply simple option trading strategies to the appropriate candlestick pattern. You will gain some valuable insights and you will keep it simple.

The NASDAQ showed excessive bullish confirmation following the double Doji set up, an extremely high probability trades set up. It provided additional bullish confirmation by gapping up through the 50 day moving average and continuing to trade positive. This is making strong sectors excessively strong. This allows for putting all the stars in alignment. Accurately assessing the overall market trend, identifying the strongest sectors in the uptrend, and then identifying the strongest stocks in those sectors. This dramatically improves the probabilities of being in the correct trades at the correct time. This is based upon one simple indicator, normal human nature.


Weekly Watchlist March 29th – April 2nd

Simple candlestick charting techniques help maximize profit-taking. Using the T-line rule, when prices move too far away from the T-line, on a daily chart, simply move to the 10 minute chart to show when there is a change of investor sentiment. This process allows investors to maximize a profitable trade well before it starts heading back to test the T-line. This was demonstrated in a very strong profit VIAC short trade this week. When prices move too far away from the T-line, that becomes a simple alert for being prepared to start taking profits. This is the result of reoccurring human nature reactions. The Dow is in the process of forming another bullish J-hook pattern, the S&P 500 also following that pattern set up.

This implies more upside, especially with the strength being exhibited in the transportation index. The NASDAQ trading positive is still in a sideways wedge formation, at least indicating the lack of any major selling pressure yet in the market indexes. This demonstrates also that specific sectors are starting to show bullish signals. The steel company sector has very strong charts,X, SCHN STLD,ZEUS, AA,RYI. The metal mining companies are also acting strong, BBL,MT,SXC,NUE, CENX, TMST, CMC. J-hook patterns in the Dow and S&P 500 imply more upside in the markets.


Weekly Watch List March 22nd – March 26th

What identifies market reversals with a high degree of accuracy? Candlestick signals! Why? Because Japanese rice traders have identified signals using the most predictable trend indicator – human nature. Candlestick analysis is simple, there are only 12 major candlestick signals that need to be learned, six long and six short. The Japanese rice traders provided a powerful trading methodology. They identified the reversal signals AND explained investor sentiment that created the signal. That combination allows investors to view price trends with the same clarity as an investor that had been investing in the market for 50 years. Join us this weekend, March 27 and 28th for a two-day full comprehensive candlestick training. When you learn candlestick analysis in a step-by-step logical chronological process, the common sense investing perspectives will change your trading for the rest of your life. Remember, this is not rocket science, this is merely putting common-sense investment perspectives into a graphic depiction.

The indexes started showing strong selling this week, the Dow formed a bearish shooting star signal that was confirmed in Friday’s trading. The next confirmation will be to see if the T line is able to act as continued support. Lower trading on Monday would indicate the selling has started. These short sectors are currently auto dealerships, ABG, CPRT, SAH, LAD, PAG and retail stocks CATO, LE,TITN, TLYS.  The electric vehicle sector is showing some good potential trade setups, ROOT, BLNK, QS,m XPEV, LI, CBAT.  The gold sector is starting to show bottoming action. These market conditions are starting to warrant adding more short positions to the portfolio if the T line does not hold on the Dow.


Weekly Watch List March 8th – March 12th

Explosive profits can be made utilizing the kicker signal! The kicker signal is the strongest candlestick reversal signal. It illustrates a dramatic change of investor sentiment. Utilizing the candlestick RARE process allows the candlestick investor to participate in high profit trades with a high degree of probability. This was illustrated in the huge percentage move in EYES. Research analysis reverse engineering indicated there was great future upside potential for the stock price. Was anticipated to occur all in one day? Not necessarily, but the great advantage of candlestick analysis is it puts you in trade positions where the probabilities are extremely strong that you will participate in big price moves.

Although the market indexes traded very strong bullish on Friday, the Dow did not actually produce a reversal signal. This implies there could be more upside but not with the same probability as if an actual candlestick reversal signal had occurred. Oil and gas stocks have produced strong reversal signals/patterns. MNRL. PVAC, OII, NOV, APA, FTSI, PTEN. Homebuilders are showing good strength, GMS, CNR, LEN, TPC. Utilize the strong candlestick signals and patterns to improve the probabilities of being in the correct trade at the correct time.


Weekly Watchlist February 8th – February 12th

You can easily identify where a high probability trade breakout is likely to occur. Candlestick signals and pattern breakouts are an immediate alert there has been a major change of investor sentiment. Take note of our purchase of OCGN at $.73. The Candlestick alert showed something had changed investor sentiment after trading flat for months. Evaluating their news report on that day provided insights as to what the company was doing and what their future prospects might be. What did our RARE  process reveal?  They have been approved for co-vid vaccines in India, which eventually has been allocated to the US market. Prior to the breakout, there was no way of knowing about this company. Friday, it closed at $5.25, up 62%, and eventually close at $8.62 after hours. Does every candlestick chart provide this type of return? Definitely not, but the probabilities of being in a correct trade and  (a correct trade that has the potential of big price moves) are greatly in the candlestick investors favor. What did the RARE reveal on Friday? Results are indicating OCGN’s vaccine results are showing better than the existing vaccine results.