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August 31st Daily Market Comments

Beware the bounce! It is not unusual to see an early morning bounce to the upside in a downtrend. The final criteria is the T line. Assume the market downtrend remains in progress as long as there is not a candlestick reversal signal and a close above the T line. Stay predominately short.


August 30th Daily Market Comments

Let the market tell you what the market is doing! This sage advice from the Japanese rice traders is relevant. Today’s job report indicated 11.2 million jobs available, not being filled. Consumer confidence much stronger than expected. That would seem like a bullish set of indicators. And the market started dropping. Why? Because the next analysis might be the feds having to move interest rates up faster and higher the slow things down. Obviously, stay predominately short. Any long positions showing doubt should probably be closed.



August 29th Market Direction

The strong sell signals can be identified using candlestick patterns. The strong sell signals are created by the combination of the strong candlestick sell signals in conjunction with a candlestick pattern. The current downtrend of the market has been clearly identified with candlestick sell signals and a close below the T line. The most profitable short trades are being produced by the dumpling top breakdown’s. A dumpling top is the bearish version of a candlestick fry pan bottom pattern. Logic dictates that if there is a down trending market, we want to find the strongest sell patterns. Currently, the trading bias should be to the downside. However, crude oil prices are moving higher again, making the oil stocks good bullish trades. Take advantage of our two week free trial on our website and the chat rooms. This is where you can gain a lot of valuable insights into the logic and probabilities of candlestick signals and patterns.



August 29th Daily Market Comments

Although the Dow and the NASDAQ are showing potential support at the 50 day moving average, there is nothing as far as bullish signals indicating the downtrend is over. The S&P 500 and the transportation index still have more downside to get to the 50 day moving average. It is inflation over with? If the perspective of inflation slowing down last month was based upon a pullback in price of crude oil/gasoline prices, watch crude oil prices. They appear to have shown buy signals/basing at the 200 day moving average and moving back up. If Crude oil prices continue to move higher, that will indicate inflation is still going to be evident in the next inflation report. Stay predominately short. Energy stocks and lithium mining stocks continue to show bullishness.



August 25th, 2022 Stock Chat with Jeff Tompkins

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August 26th Daily Market Comments

What is one of the most important trend indicators that very few people have access to? The T line! Notice what acted as a crucial trend reversal indicator in the indexes. A bounce to the T line yesterday, but did not get through today.


August 25th Market Wrap-up

Identifying Strong sector trades improves an investor’s probability of being in a correct trade. Strong sector trades are the result of candlestick analysis scanning techniques. The logic is simple – if you can identify the strong sectors, then the next step is to identify the strongest individual stock charts in those sectors. This is what puts the probabilities greatly in your favor. Currently, the oil sector in the lithium mining stock sector is producing good steady profits. Strong sector trades can also be applied to short positions when witnessing strong sell signals in specific sectors. There are two ways to produce a constant supply of good trade setups. We tried to teach each investor the simple scanning techniques for identifying the best trades But another major source of good trades setups is our chat room. A good number of candlestick traders looking for the same signals and patterns produces a constant supply of good trade setups when that many pairs of eyes are looking for the same information in the charts. Join us, our two-week free trial produces our horseradish marketing technique. This is how H.J. Heinz produced good business. That everybody test a good quality product.

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Stephen Bigalow


August 25th Daily Market Comments

Today’s positive trading/bounce is making the T line and the 3T line relevant indicators. The indexes are still trading below the T line. That is important for indicating overall investor sentiment. Stay predominately short. Good long trades are working in the lithium mining stocks and the oil stocks.



August 24th Daily Market Comments

A wildly unexciting summer day so far. The lack of today’s market direction does not change the direction, the indexes are trading below the T line. Stay predominately short. The lithium mining stocks and the oil stocks are still showing uptrend.



August 23rd Daily Market Comments

Positive trading in the market indexes after a big down day, not unexpected to see a bounce. This is not a time to be buying aggressively, better to be watching for the appearance of more selling. As long as the indexes are trading below the T line and stochastics heading in a downward trajectory, be ready to add to short positions on further weakness. However, oil has moved up strong today, making the oil stocks attractive on the bullish side.