April 20th Daily Market Comments

The Dow has moved back to the T-line after yesterday’s bearish Harami. The NASDAQ continues to selloff, trading below the T-line Today, after yesterday’s hanging man/gap down. Continue to close long positions that are not showing strength, the short positions are working well. The portfolio should be oriented toward the short side.


April 19th Market Directions

Applying the candlestick logic to market trend analysis allows candlestick investors to have the appropriate positioning in their portfolio/trading. This is true for trading stocks, currencies, commodities, any trading entity that involves fear and greed, which is everything. Join us this Saturday, April 24 for a mini spotlight training on the logic incorporated into candlestick analysis that constantly puts the probabilities in your favor. Click here for more information.

Sector rotation is still the predominant factor in this current market uptrend. Note that the Dow, when it consolidates, still has not been able to close back below the T line. The NASDAQ, however, after a dragonfly Doji/hanging man signal on Friday gapped down today indicating a much stronger selling pressure. This would indicate Dow related stocks will maintain uptrends while the NASDAQ related stocks might show some more profit-taking/selling. The analysis of individual trades is greatly enhanced by knowing the overall market nature. You dramatically improve the probabilities of being in the correct trade direction when using candlestick signals to evaluate which stock/sectors have the greatest upside or downside potential.

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April 19th Daily Market Comments

Friday’s dragonfly Doji/hanging man signal in the NASDAQ provided a little warning to watch for profit-taking on a weaker open today. The transportation index was remaining above the T line but with Doji type days, this provided a little bit of warning to watch for a potential reversal. Obviously, today short recommendations are working well. The top be conditions of the market indexes was making having both long and short positions in the portfolio a viable strategy. Any long positions that appeared to be showing weakness should be closed at the end of the day.


Weekly Watch List April 19th – April 23rd

Candlestick signals produce an extremely high probability result. This is based upon observations and application by the Japanese rice traders over the centuries. Join us Saturday, April 24 for a mini spotlight training on the basics of candlesticks. This information will produce a new perspective on how to identify the changes of price trends. Wouldn’t you like to be able to identify high profit trade potentials on a consistent basis? Join us this Saturday. You will get much more information than you anticipate. Click here for more information.

The market trend is easily assessed knowing what each candlestick signal and pattern illustrate. This allows the candlestick investor to be positioned in the right trades at the right time. Currently, the uptrending indexes remain above the T-line, producing strong probabilities the uptrend remains in progress. This evaluation remains in place until witnessing a strong candlestick sell signal. Knowing there is not any major change in the current trend allows for taking advantage of the high profit candlestick pattern breakouts that produce big trade results. Knowing the 12 major signals produces a huge analytical advantage, whether using candlestick analysis as your primary trading method or applying it to any trading method that you are currently using. It will dramatically improve your analytical capabilities.

April 16th Daily Market Comments

The market trend analysis remains consistent with the past four weeks. The Dow is trading higher Today, the NASDAQ is trading lower, but both indexes continue to trade above the T line. Gold continues to trade higher making gold stocks continuing an uptrend. Today might be a lethargic trading day, a Friday. Continue to use the T line as your trend indicator.


April 15th Stock Chat with Kirt Christensen

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Stock Chat – Monday 04/15/21

April 15th Market Wrap Up

The market indexes are experiencing consolidation during the uptrend. The uptrend remains in progress as long as the indexes continue to trade above the T-line. A trend closing below the T-line after a candlestick sell signal is a much stronger confirmation there has been a change of investor sentiment. This is clearly illustrated in the April lean hogs chart, a large bearish engulfing signal last week and a close below the T-line was a strong indication the downtrend was in progress.

The steady uptrend of the markets allow candlestick investors to take advantage of the high profit/high probability pattern breakouts. The bobble breakouts continue to produce good trade set ups. Many stocks will slowly trend up in a slow uptrend of the markets. The advantage of candlestick analysis is it pinpoints which patterns are going to produce greater profits than merely an uptrending stock price. The J-hook pattern and bobble breakout pattern allows for identifying what the next price move will likely be. Wave three will usually be the same magnitude as wave one. This is what allows the candlestick investor to maximize profitability when the trend is moving in the analyzed direction.

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April 15th Daily Market Comments

The indexes did not confirm the potential sell signals of yesterday. The NASDAQ is trading above yesterday’s open of a bearish engulfing signal. The S&P 500 is currently forming a bullish trend kicker. The Dow continues its uptrend. Gold stocks are reacting well Today to higher gold prices, bobble breakouts and trend kicker signals. Although potential sell signals occurred yesterday in the indexes, they have been negated today with additional confirmation the T line still acts as an up trending support.


April 14th Daily Market Comments

The market indexes continue their uptrend allowing for good candlestick pattern breakouts. The bobble pattern is working effectively today, CDNA, BBL, OSTK. The electric vehicle sector is showing good basing action in numerous positions. Stay predominately long but with the indexes in the overbought condition, keep safety stops in place.


April 13th Daily Market Comments

The Dow down, the NASDAQ up, sector rotation continues. The big tech stocks continue to pick up strength, numerous double bottom patterns/fry pans are demonstrating good trades i.e.OSTK. These market conditions warrant analyzing each stock/sector on its own merits.