February 21st Daily Market Comments

The direction of today’s trading was easily anticipated by the formation of a Doji tape day yesterday. The Dow had come back up toward the top end of the trading range forming a Doji type day but it still closed below the T-line. It needed to open positive and trade positive to confirm that the T-line was still acting as a bullish support.


February 20th Daily Market Comments

The markets still do not demonstrate any selling pressure. Today’s lower open, the Dow opening right on the T-line, appear to be normal morning profit-taking. Nothing has changed the trend sentiment. Candlestick patterns are still producing good profits, i.e. the fry pan bottom.

February 20th Daily Market Comments

The markets still do not demonstrate any selling pressure. Today’s lower open, the Dow opening right on the T-line, appear to be normal morning profit-taking. Nothing has changed the trend sentiment. Candlestick patterns are still producing good profits, i.e. the fry pan bottom. Today’s recommendation on a potential wedge breakout of CNSL is up 32% so far Today.

February 20th Market Wrap-Up

The markets traded lower Today on more China virus scare rhetoric. Is this the end of the uptrend? Based upon candlestick analysis, the church reveal a much different perspective as far as Today’s selling. After the Dow was down approximate 375 points it finished down 122 points is this bearish? The candlestick formation was somewhat of a Doji type day. The Dow did close below the T-line but forming an indecisive trading day. Add the analysis of the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ, there indecisive trading day continue to show a close above the T-line. This overall analysis indicates there has not been any major change of investor sentiment. The nature of the current uptrend can be characterized much better based upon the visual aspects of candlestick signals. The uptrend remains in progress as long as the indexes continue to trade above the T-line. The nature of the uptrend is revealing a very choppy movement. That is what makes the T-line a very informative indicator. The probabilities indicate the uptrend is still in progress when the indexes cannot close below the T-line. This allows the candlestick investor to have a much more precise analysis of the overall trend and does not allow themselves to be whipsawed in and out of positions.

Patterns provide relevant trend analysis confirmation. The T-line is also very applicable to analyzing what is occurring in a candlestick price pattern. Note that numerous fry pan bottom patterns have remained in an uptrend in spite of what the overall market movement is portraying. This factor can be easily explained. A fry pan bottom is a buildup of investor sentiment over a period of time. It will not be readily influenced by other factors such as the oscillation movements of the overall markets. Knowing this, I candlestick investor can be much more comfortable maintaining fry pan bottom positions no matter what direction the market is going. As long as the uptrend remains above the T-line, even on scary pullback days, the T-line shows the fry pan bottom trajectory is still in progress. The common sense analysis that can be incorporated into candlestick signals and patterns allow an investor to much more clearly understand what is going on in investor sentiment versus being emotionally whipsawed when prices oscillate but do not breach the probabilities of candlestick trend indicators. This is what dramatically reduces emotional decision-making when it comes to investing.

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February 18th Market Direction

Although the Dow was down 165 points today, simple candlestick analysis reveals there was not any major change of investor sentiment. Visually evaluating the NASDAQ shows that although it basically closed flat on the day, it was after it had opened lower, revealing bullish sentiment after it opened. The S&P 500 close lower but after a Doji formation, showing indecisive selling, as well as the T line continue to act as a support level. Taking all three of the indexes into account, the overall evaluation indicates there is no major change of investor sentiment. Additionally, numerous stocks traded positive on the day. The big-name stocks such as AMZN, TSLA, NFLX , BYND, traded positive, once again indicating there was no selling consensus in the overall market trend.

Candlestick patterns continue to show good profitability even in the throes of a indecisive up trending market. The fry pan bottom has produced consistent profitability in a number of our current recommendations, RAD, ITCI , REGI and ZS. ZS produced a very recognizable breakout, a Doji sandwich breaking out through the 200 day moving average, confirming the fry pan bottom breakout.SPCE produced parabolic profits, the same pattern illustrated in TSLA two weeks ago. Knowing what to expect from a pattern puts investors in the correct trades at the correct time. Knowing what investor sentiment does on a repeated basis allows the candlestick investor to take profits at the optimal points, as illustrated in SPCE today. Being mentally prepared for what human nature produces as price patterns, the candlestick investor gains huge advantages of knowing exactly when to be buying and when to be selling with a high degree of probability. This dramatically reduces emotional decision-making when it comes to investment decisions.

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February 18th Daily Market Comments

The Dow is the weakest index, trading back below the T-line. The NASDAQ trading lower but above where it opened, indicating the lack of any corroborating mass selling pressure. The S&P 500 trading lower but  an indecisive day. This indicates the lack of any major change of investor sentiment, confirming the prognosis of the slow uptrend of the overall market but with a daily choppy manner.

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February 14th Daily Market Comments

Although the market indexes are not moving with any great force, the kicker signals are working very well. Our position in BTAI had a bullish kicker signal yesterday, good results. SPWR had a bearish kicker signal, that short is working well. CCL is failing at the T-line with a bearish flutter kicker signal. Strong candlestick signals will override the general trend of the market or the lack of any trend of the market. NVDA a best friend breakout through the resistance level.

February 13th Market Wrap-Up

The nature of a market trend is easier identified by the graphics of candlestick formations. The overall market trend for the past few months has produced a relatively solid uptrend. This is evident by witnessing a steady uptrend followed by a profit-taking pullback, then continuing the uptrend. This type of market move demonstrates the lack of exuberance with profit-taking occurring during the trend as well as on an intraday basis. Obviously this makes short term/daytrading relatively difficult. In these market conditions, holding a trending position for a slightly longer term becomes the best strategy. The ultimate criteria is the T line! As long as the overall market trend continues to close above the T line, the probabilities remain extremely strong the uptrend remains in progress.

The visual analysis of individual stock price movements allow candlestick investors to analyze each individual stock position based upon buy signals and sell signals. Profitable positions that starts showing indications of sell signals can easily be identified for taking profits, then moving funds to new stock/sectors that are starting their uptrend. The J Hook pattern has been working profitably in numerous stock positions over the past few weeks. Witnessing high probability reversals based upon candlestick signals always produce high probability/high profit trades, providing in investor with more supply of good profit potential than most investors will be able to utilize at any one time. This creates a trading strategy that allows for cultivating a portfolio, moving investment funds from profitable trades that are starting to lose steam over to new bullish or bearish positions that have greater probabilities of producing strong profits. This money management technique constantly puts investment funds into the best trade potentials.

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February 13th Daily Market Comments

Yesterday the markets formed trend kicker signals. This would imply continued strength in the market. Today’s gapped down obviously not confirming any follow-through strength but currently trading above the T-line indicates the uptrend is still in progress but will be characterized with profit-taking occurring along the way. This makes short-term trading more difficult while making holding trending positions the strategy for this market. Trading above the T-line is still the ultimate trend analysis.