September 22nd Daily Market Comments

The markets showed consolidation today after the big selling of yesterday. All the indexes are showing Doji type days but stochastics have not yet gotten into the oversold area. The direction of the markets will still be predicated upon how the indexes open tomorrow. T

September 21st Daily Market Comments

Beware the bounce! Although some indexes and stocks are trading positive Today, they are trading below where they opened, demonstrating the bulls have not taken control. If predominately short, be patient, investor sentiment is not likely to reverse immediately.


September 20th Market Direction

If you are like me, before I learned candlestick analysis, you would be sitting waiting for this market to turn around, with excruciating pain that you are still in your long positions. One of the best feelings in the world, coming from one of the worst investors in the world before candlesticks, is enjoying the downtrend because you were already predominately short. You will find that it is amazingly accurate using candlestick signals and the T-line to have your trade positions in the appropriate direction. Candlestick charts do not lie! They are the actual decision-making of investors buying and selling. Candlestick charts are merely the graphics of those decisions. Add the T-line, a natural support and resistance level of human nature, and you now have a trading platform that is extremely accurate.

A close below the T-line produces an extremely high probability result! A downtrend is in progress. The same scenario is applied to bullish trades. A close above the T-line after a candlestick buy signal produces extremely high probabilities an uptrend is in progress. Currently, the Dow and the NASDAQ are trading well below the T-line. Stay predominately short.


Good investing,

The Candlestick Forum team

September 20th Daily Market Comments

Paying attention to the T-line rule will dramatically improve your profitability. Last week when it was evident the indexes cannot close back up above the T line, the high probability assumption is that there was more downside.

September 17th Daily Market Comments

The T-line remains the relevant trend indicator. Although the indexes illustrated potential reversal signals at support levels, today’s trading revealed the failure of the T-line again. However, the current support levels are acting as support, making the market trend extremely indecisive.


September 16th Stock Chat with Guest Speaker Daniel Sinnig

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Stock Chat – Thursday 09/16/21

Optimal Profit-Taking Techniques

The market direction is providing an excellent opportunity for profiting in both long positions and short positions. The simple graphics of candlestick analysis allows investors to take profits at the appropriate times and identify the strong selling signals for entering short positions. Both long and short positions have been producing good trades over the past two weeks. Being able to identify when the market direction is starting to change gives the candlestick investor a huge advantage. Simple scanning techniques allow for identifying the strong sell signals, entering short trades. Join us on September 18 for a full day of training on being able to identify when it is time to take profits, both in long positions and short positions. This visual information dramatically improves profitability when closing out profitable trades.

The use of the 10-minute chart uses very simple logic for when to take profits on excessively large price moves. Candlestick signals work effectively on the one-minute chart as well as on the monthly chart. Candlestick signals are the graphic depiction of everybody buying and selling during a specific time frame. This is valuable information for the day trader or the options trader. The 10-minute chart pinpoints when to be buying and when to be selling big price moves.

Chat session tonight at 8 PM ET with Guest Speaker Daniel Sinnig. Click here to register.

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The Candlestick Forum team

September 15th Daily Market Coments

The markets are not showing any strength that would indicate a change of investor sentiment. The downtrend remains in progress as long as the indexes continue to trade below the T line. Crude oil is up strong, making the oil stocks a bullish area. Otherwise, remain predominately short until there is a definite reversal signal.

September 14th Stock Chat with Stephen Bigalow

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Stock Chat – Tuesday 09/14/21

At the end of the webinar Steve announced his upcoming “When to Sell” event, which he’ll present on Saturday, September 18th.

This 4-hour training workshop will provide you with visual perspectives that will improve your investing for the rest of your life.

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Good Short Trade Setups

When you do you take profits and when to use short? This is the advantage candlestick charts provide for investors. Just because it is time to sell does not necessarily mean you want to short. Candlestick signals and patterns show when a powerful sell force is coming into a price. This Saturday, our full day training on when to sell is going to be accentuated by the indicators that produce the best probabilities for getting out of a bullish trade and identifying the strongest selling signals that would warrant shorting trades. This is based upon reoccurring human nature through the centuries.
The Dow is currently revealing a bullish Harami at a potential support level. This makes it very important to see what the premarket futures are demonstrating tomorrow. These market conditions are providing excellent bullish trades as well as excellent short trades. Obviously when the market conditions do not show a decisive consensus in all the indexes, having the ability to make profits both long and short dramatically reduces the risk. There are currently some very strong sell signals in specific sectors. There are also some very strong bullish patterns in other sectors.

Join us this Saturday for a full-day training on when candlestick charts are revealing the probabilities going against long position trends, indicating when it is time to take profits. This information is also applied to when to take profits on short trades. You will gain an immense amount of insights for when to close profitable trades without giving back some of those profits. Join us Saturday, you will get much more information than you anticipate. Click here to register.