February 18th, 2021 Stock Chat with Stephen Bigalow

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Stock Chat – Thursday 02/18/21

February 18th Market Wrap-up

Adding short positions to the portfolio was advertised in the nature of the market indexes. The last two weeks have demonstrated indecisive trading in the Dow. Although it has not yet closed below the T line, each day has demonstrated an indecisive trading signal i.e. Doji’s, hanging man signals. At the same time, the NASDAQ was starting to show indecision but has been more bearish due to it actually closing below the T line. Moving to take profits was made more obvious based upon the changing nature of the market in general. Candlestick signals and patterns provide that visual confirmation well ahead of the actual markets starting lower. The immense amount of information built into each candlestick formation allows the candlestick investor to make much more appropriate decisions well before the overall markets showed definite changes.

When the market is not showing decisive trading, especially in the overbought condition, common sense candlestick analysis allows for shifting a portfolio from predominately long positions to taking profits and adding short positions. This can be easily identified as recommended in going short on bearish chart patterns. AAPL was forming a dumpling top and closing below the T line. ARCT close below the T line last week, forming a potential bearish scoop pattern. SPCE,IMMR and PLCE became short recommendations because of closing below the T line. This is a powerful statistical probability. Witnessing a price closing below the T line dramatically improves the probabilities a downtrend is now in progress. Taking advantage of bearish patterns and a close below the T line dramatically improves profitability by having trades positioned in the correct direction. The Candlestick Forum POWER TRADE training session scheduled for this Saturday has been postponed due to Houston weather.


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February 18th Daily Market Comments

Today is a good example illustrating when the market conditions start to get a little bit indecisive, having both long and short positions in the portfolio is a prudent strategy. Obviously, the short positions are working very well today. Numerous long positions have been stopped out. The market indexes have been showing indecisive trading for the past two weeks. Watch to see where the markets close today, the T-line being in the important trend indicator.


Feb 16

You can make huge profits by taking advantage of pattern breakouts, illustrating when investor sentiment creates a huge price moves. As long as the market indexes continue to trade above the T line, the lack of fear of any bearish sentiment in the markets will continue to produce huge profit potential on Fry Pan Bottom breakouts. This is illustrated in our recent recommendations on CAN, FINV, and NCTY. Fry pan bottom breakout potential’s are occurring in MP and FTFT. The candlestick investor gains a huge advantage when recognizing a pattern at the breakout area. Positive trading, confirming a pattern breakout, provides to valuable pieces of information for the candlestick investor. It produces an extremely high probability trend direction and a high probability of a high profit trade.

The graphics of candlestick analysis allows for accurate evaluation of specific sectors. Currently, Biotech’s are still working extremely bullish. The electric vehicle sector is in a consolidation mode. This can be easily identified with sell signals and trading below the T line. Having the ability to make that assessment allows investors to move funds to other areas until the electric vehicle sector gets new buying. Simply stated, candlestick analysis provides a common sense trading strategy that keeps an investor’s funds in the appropriate stock/sectors. The Candlestick Forum POWER TRADE training session, scheduled for February 20, has been postponed due to freezing temperatures in Texas.

February 11th, 2021 Stock Chat with Stephen Bigalow

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Stock Chat – Thursday 02/11/21


At the end of the webinar, Steve announced his upcoming “Identify Power Trades” event, which he’ll present on Saturday, February 20th.

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Big Candlestick Short Trade Setups

Another Doji type day in the markets. Although the NASDAQ is trading slightly positive, it is doing an indecisive trading day. The Dow is trading slightly lower but also indicating another Doji day. This indecision warrants keeping safety stops close. It also implies adding some short positions to the portfolio. Be prepared to start shifting from long to short positions. AAPL, AMZN in slow downtrends. NVDA is the only biggie trading positive. This implies an indecisive nature occurring in overall investor sentiment. Having the ability to identify indecisive trading occurring in the overall market allows candlestick investors to get prepared for shifting the orientation of the portfolio. It allows for taking profits in long positions that are starting to show weakness as well as adding short positions into the portfolio. This creates a simple common sense trading strategy, moving the portfolio toward the overall direction of the market.

SAVA provides a strong opportunity for shorting in a market that is now not illustrating any great bullish sentiment. Add the fact that it had a parabolic uptrend that is now getting sold off dramatically provides the opportunities for high probability/high-profit short positioning.

DKNG is another short position prospect based upon a strong candlestick reversal signal in the overbought condition, followed by today’s close below the T-line. LL also illustrates a high probability short trade. Note the failure at the 50 day moving average. This demonstrates a strong bearish pattern called the blue ice failure. Today’s Doji provides an excellent short entry positioning. A lower open would reveal a bearish Doji sandwich, making the 200-day moving average the next likely target. Price movement analysis is greatly enhanced by knowing what investor sentiment will produce as far as high probability trades signals. Join us in the Candlestick Forum chat room where numerous eyes identify the high probability trades setups.


February 11th Daily Market Comments

Although the indexes are trading slightly positive today it still appears to be a very tentative buying. Currently a Doji day in the Dow and S&P 500, while in the overbought area. Continue to stay predominately long but have safety stops in place. The big stocks are also reflecting indecisive trading, AAPL, AMZN in slow down trends. NVDA is the only biggie trading positive. This implies an indecisive nature occurring in overall investor sentiment.


February 10th Daily Market Comments

Yesterday was profit-taking, Today might have a different scenario. After opening positive, more selling started to come into the markets. This would be more of an indication of a change of investor sentiment versus merely continued profit-taking. Be ready to close out long positions that are starting to show weakness. You can always buy positions back.


February 8th Daily Market Comments

A consolidation day, the NASDAQ is trading higher while the Dow and S&P 500 are trading lower but indecisively lower. The fry pan bottom breakout patterns continue to show good strength. The T-line remains a very effective trend indicator. Expect some profit-taking but utilizing the nature of each candlestick formation will indicate whether the sellers have taken control or whether it is merely profit-taking. Currently, nothing the selling off with any great resiliency. Stay predominately long, keep stops in at logical reversal areas.


Candlestick Scans Finding Explosive Profit Trades Feb 8, 2021

The McMuffin pattern demonstrated the uptrend in the market indexes were going to continue. This knowledge allows for taking advantage of huge potential price moves. Pattern breakouts are not going to be inhibited by any concerns of bearish sentiment in the markets. This market condition allows for the breakouts to produce inordinately strong profits. Candlestick simple scanning techniques pinpoints where these strong price moves are likely to occur, candlestick pattern breakouts. This is been illustrated numerous times over the past few weeks with daily returns on individual stock charts producing 15%, 30%, 50% profits, with our position in OCGN up 201% today. Have you often wondered how other investors seem to be participating in the big profit moves? Candlestick charting techniques allow YOU to be in the big profit moves!

The big percentage move over the past five trading days in OCGN is producing the GME affect. Investors are seeing strong price moves occurring in the biotech stocks, especially those associated to the vaccines. This is producing good profit trade set ups in other biotech stocks. Investors not wanting to miss out! When you utilize the candlestick patterns, you have to major benefits! First, the candlestick breakout signals indicate when something new is occurring in a specific company and secondly, the RARE process allows investors to research what was causing that new breakout interest in the stock price. This simple combination dramatically improves the probabilities of being in the right place at the right time. Stocks such as CLSN, VBIV, ENLV and LIFE have dramatic upside potential. The Candlestick Forum has been advocating being heavily invested in the electric vehicle sector as well as the biotech sector. Candlestick scanning techniques immediately identify which stocks have new bullish sentiment coming into the price with great enthusiasm.

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