January 18th Daily Market Comments

The Dow, bearish Doji sandwich, the S&P 500 bearish trend kicker signal, NASDAQ opened below Friday’s open. The downtrend obviously remains in progress. The short positions are working well. Oil stocks continue to trade positive. Stay predominately short.


Weekly Watchlist January 18th – 22nd, 2022

The downtrend in the market indexes were illustrated by the fact that they could not close above the T line. Currently, there has been buying at support levels, the NASDAQ opened at the 200 day moving average on Friday and traded positive. The Dow closed as a hammer type signal above the 50 day moving average. This implies there might be some basing in this area but stochastics are still in a downtrend. In these market conditions, simple candlestick scans identify that there are both good long positions and good short positions.

The home improvement sector is still trading lower, HD, LOW, LOVE, LL, FND. Retail apparel stocks are selling off, SCVL,BKE, CHS, ROST, GPS, LULU. Oil stocks continue to maintain strength with crude oil trading back up over $84 a barrel.OIL,RES, LBRT,NBR, PTEN, LPI, MTDR. Although the general market indexes are having a downward trajectory, there is the probability of bounces in the downtrend. The T line works extremely well in conjunction with candlestick signals for maintaining good long or short position trends.

January 14th Daily Market Comments

The indexes are below the T-line. That makes any positive trading early in the day suspect. Assume the downtrend remains in progress. Trading should be oriented toward the short side. Take advantage of the strong sell signals.


January 13th, 2022 Stock Chat with Stephen Bigalow

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January 13th Market Wrap-Up

The visuals of candlestick analysis make trend analysis very easy to apply. As illustrated in the Dow and the NASDAQ, the positive trading of the past few trading days did not have a final bullish confirmation, a close above the T line. Especially in the NASDAQ, where after a few bullish trading days, which were not candlestick reversal signals, yesterday’s trading still could not close above the T line. That probability factor makes suspecting whether a bullish reversal has occurred much more enhanced. Additionally, the lack of a close above the T line was also suspect because stochastics were still in a downward trajectory. These simple factors allow the candlestick investor to maintain portfolio positioning without getting whipsawed out of a good trade.

It can be easily analyzed as far as the overall direction of a market trend. Logic dictates that if you can analyze a downtrend is starting or in progress, simple candlestick scanning techniques allow for identifying good short trades. But profitability can be greatly improved by identifying the power short trades. Join us this Saturday, January 15 ,for identifying the simple process, for not only being in the correct direction of a trade, but identifying the correct direction AND trades that will have the most profitability prospects. The Candlestick Frum Mini Spotlight training sessions are scheduled for one hour ( anticipate at least two hours) for revealing the strongest trades set ups. Join us, you will get much more information than you expect. Click here to register.

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January 13th Daily Market Comments

The market nature remains indecisive, the Dow is trading positive, the NASDAQ is trading lower. This continues to make the trading strategy having both long and short positions in the portfolio. The sideways mode of the market direction is evident. Note the NASDAQ is having a hard time getting up above the T line.


January 11th Daily Market Comments

The expected bounce is occurring in numerous down trending positions. The markets are still in an indecisive mode, the Dow and S&P trading lower, the NASDAQ trading slightly higher. The T line and the 34 EMA appears to be a target/resistance level in numerous stock positions. Stay predominately short, let the day play out.

identify power signals January 10th Market Direction

The downtrend remains in progress, even though there are potential reversal signals formed today in the indexes. However, they have to be viewed with a little bit of skepticism because of the trajectory of the stochastics and the indexes continuing to trade below the T line. A change of market direction/investor sentiment requires bullish confirmation of reversal signals and a close above the T line. Until then, short positions can continue to be held with the T line being the final criteria.

A major advantage of candlestick analysis is not only being able to analyze what the overall market direction is doing, but being able to scan for the strongest powers signals that will be most profitable during the current trend. Obviously, and a bearish market, finding sell signals utilizing simple candlestick scanning techniques allows for high probability trades. But even more so is the identification of the power sell signals. This allows for maximizing profitability during an existing market trend. Join us this Saturday, January 15 for a Candlestick Mini Spotlight training, identifying the strong powers signals. Simple visual analysis allows investors to maximize their profitability by being in a strong price move. Click here for more info



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January 10th Daily Market Comments

From the voice of experience, when the markets/trends close below the T-line, the probabilities are extremely strong you want to start closing out long positions that are not acting well and adding short positions to the portfolio. The T line rule will improve your profitability immensely.

Weekly Watchlist: January 10th – 14th