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5 Experts Training Event – Recordings and Offers If You Missed!

We hope you were able to grab a “virtual” seat at the incredible event over the weekend.

If not, we have you covered! The recording of the full 5-hour training session is available online for the next few days. To view the full video you click on the link and once on the video page you will click on the far top right-hand side of the video“download” and save to your files. (if you don’t download you will only see the first 15 mins.)

(Prefer .Mov format? Click Here)

Here’s a recap of the speakers and links to their generous discount specials for Candlestick Forum subscribers. 

Stephen W. Bigalow – “Early Warning Signals for Reversal Alerts”

Exiting positions at the right time can make a huge difference in profits. Stephen Bigalow shares easy-to-recognize charting signals that identify when it’s time to take profits! If you’ve ever built up money in your trades, only to watch them slip away, then you know the importance of spotting trend reversals. View Recording Here!

Steve covers detailed technical analysis tools utilizing candlestick signals. Learning just a few major signals allows for bigger profits while preserving capital.

In this presentation you will discover:

  • How to identify pullbacks versus reversals
  • How to easily spot support and resistance price targets
  • How to identify fast-moving stocks
  • How to run with the trend

In less than one hour, anyone can begin using some of the 12 major signals used to trade any market condition.

*Stephen Bigalow offered his 5-Star Trading Plan at the end of his presentation! You can still get it…

Steve’s 5-Star Trading Plan shows you the exact steps that you can take RIGHT NOW to eliminate ALL emotion from your trade routine and turn yourself into a highly profitable and more consistent trader.

Click here to see Steve’s offer.

Mark Sebastian – “Using Volatility to Trade Direction”

Many traders attempt to use options to trade for direction only to learn that making money using options is not as easy as buying an option and being right on the move. Volatility can be like the wind at a traders back, or a head wind to the success of the trade. Learn to master it, and one can learn to use options as effective directional weapons. View Recording Here!

On Mark’s exciting one-hour webinar, you will discover:

  • Understanding of volatility and how can affect a directional trade
  • When to buy and option vs when to sell an option and why the decision can make such a difference in a trade
  • How to pick the right strike for a trade
  • A directional strategy Mark uses himself to select trades

This could be the best trading webinar you see all year!

*Mark Sebastian offered his OptionPit Daily Strategy Newsletter at the end of his presentation! You can still get it….

Join an active community working together to increase their trading knowledge and sharing actionable ideas. Perfect for new and experienced traders, banding together to share and improve their trading success.

Click here to see Mark’s offer.

Hubert Senters – “My Secret Weapon for Finding Better Trades”

One of the most important parts of trading is being able to identify the trend as quickly as possible. Identifying the trend, and being able to see possible changes before they happen. View Recording Here!

  • How to know the prevailing trend instantly, on any chart
  • Identify a trend change without second guessing yourself
  • Know when it’s time to sell and avoid further falls in price

*Hubert Senters offered his Ichimoku 101 : Cloud Charting Secrets Course at the end of his presentation! You can still get it…

Hubert will explain the indicator in full detail, teach you what each line means in terms of your charting and trading, and also 7 setups for using Ichimoku in your daily trading.

Click here to see Hubert’s offer.

Dave Aquino – “Finding Big Morning Profits”

Learn How many of the world’s top traders, including a “$200 million fund manager,” are using price and volume to make super-accurate (and very profitable) trading decisions. View Recording Here!

In this webinar, not only will Dave share these same strategies with you, you will also discover:

  • Why VOLUME is the secret most traders will never know, and how to use it to generate consistent profits trading stocks, bonds, options, commodities, or Forex!
  • The single most important criteria that should be in place before you enter any trade.
  • A simple technique that will help you avoid taking a trade that immediately goes against you.
  • How to identify and trade price accumulation as well as price distribution.

*Dave Aquino offereda more comprehensive version of his presentation titled: Workshop: Finding Big Morning Profits Replay at the end of his presentation! You can still get it…

Click here to see Dave’s offer.

Andrew Keene – “How to Swing Trade The Names: AAPL, AMZN, FB, GOOGL, NFLX, TSLA, and TWTR”

This workshop will focus on KOTM’s strategies for swing trading some of the stocks most actively traded by both institutions and individuals. View Recording Here!

The live workshop covers the following and more:

  • Learn strategies to use to profit from day and swing trading some of the most active names in the US equities market
  • Learn how you can remove the emotion from trading and use methodical setups every time
  • Discover the best day and swing trading setups for each of these stocks
  • Understand how to use both stock and option strategies to take advantage of these setups

*Andrew Keene offered his “Swing Trade the Names” Workshop at the end of his presentation! You can still get it…

This workshop will focus on KOTM’s strategies for swing trading some of the stocks most actively traded by both institutions and individuals.

Click here to see Andrew’s offer.

That’s 5 Hours of Complimentary Training from 5 Industry Experts! You can view them in .Mov format as well at this link.

Be sure to view more events coming up hosted by Stephen Bigalow.