May 9th Market Direction

Timing of the market is greatly enhanced by using candlestick signals at appropriate technical levels. Timing the market incorporates candlestick buy signals or sell signals in the overbought or oversold condition at levels everybody else is watching. The current downtrend of the indexes remains in progress after witnessing sell signals a few weeks back at major moving average resistance levels. The trend analysis becomes simplified using the T line rule, the downtrend remains in progress as long as the indexes do not illustrate buy signals and a close back up above the T line. Currently, numerous short position recommendations are producing very good profits because of candlestick sell signals and patterns. The J-hook pattern produces a high probability of expected results. This Saturday, May 14, the candlestick forum will be presenting a Mini spotlight training on the three kicker signal formations. Candlestick logic – if you witness a strong candlestick buy signal or sell signal that will confirm a candlestick pattern, you dramatically improve the probabilities of being in the right trade at the right time. Join us this Saturday, these one-hour – two-hour training sessions provide an immense amount of information. Click here to register.


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Good Investing,

Stephen Bigalow