May 18th Market Wrap-Up

Strong candlestick patterns produce a double benefit to the candlestick investor. Strong candlestick patterns are easily recognized as they are building up, and the magnitude of the move is going to be much stronger than merely an uptrending price during an uptrending market. Currently the J-hook patterns are producing high profit set ups. These pattern set ups provide the anticipation of a breakout, allowing the candlestick investor to enter a trade at the optimal breakout point. Join us Saturday, May 20 for a full day training on how to utilize the signals and patterns and the subtle confirming indicators that allow for the anticipation of the next major price move. Strong candlestick pattern set ups are easy to recognize. They gain additional recognition when using confirming indicators, most importantly the T line as well as the major moving averages. The combination of candlestick patterns in conjunction with the confirming indicators are visually recognizable, well before a new major price move is about to occur. You do not have to be a sophisticated technical analyst to take advantage of the information built into a candlestick chart.