March 16th Market Wrap-Up

A stock market reversal is much more easily identified when utilizing candlestick signals. Today’s stock market reversal was demonstrated after the Dow formed three indecisive trading/Doji days in the oversold condition. Although today’s positive trading in the Dow did not close above the T-line, the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 closed above resistance levels. Gaining a much more accurate perspective of the change of investor sentiment allows the candlestick investor to utilize pattern buildups such as the fry pan bottom pattern. As demonstrated in the AMD chart, the fry pan bottom pattern was enhanced with the stock market reversal. The stock market reversal was likely the relief of a bank crisis expanding. Today’s candlestick signals would imply at least a bounce to the upside. However, the overall market trend is likely to be influenced by additional information regarding the Fed increasing interest rates and inflation expectations. Fortunately, as an investor, you do not have to analyze what each action may do to the market trend. The candlestick charts will reveal what investor sentiment is doing. Join us Saturday, March 18, for a full-day multi-speaker symposium at the candlestick forum. Click here for more information. This allows investors to analyze professional traders’ trading strategies side-by-side to get a more comprehensive analysis of which strategy best fits their trading nature. Also, join us on March 25 for a full training day on the appropriate option strategies with specific candlestick signals and patterns. This will give you insights as to how to utilize option strategies with much more clarity.


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