June 1st Market Wrap-Up

When market conditions show a solid divergence between indexes/sectors, candlestick analysis produces the best trading strategies that correlate with the market conditions. The best trading strategies in this market, with the Dow drifting lower and the NASDAQ staying above the T line in a strong uptrend, is a combination of long and short positions. The NASDAQ-related stocks are producing good strong bullish candlestick signals and patterns. Not only can the strong patterns be recognized, but applying the best trading strategies to that price move utilizes combinations of buying stock, options, and/or options spreads. Candlestick charts reveal when a strong sector is starting to take profits, as illustrated in the artificial intelligence stocks. This does not necessarily mean the synthetic intelligence stock sector bullish run is over. The candlestick patterns reveal when the consolidation/profit-taking is over, and the next wave should be in progress. The candlestick patterns, such as the fry pan bottom, the J-hook patterns, etc., allow an investor to implement the best trading strategies. Join us Saturday, June 3, for a candlestick many spotlight training on how to be mentally prepared for the appropriate trading strategies that work the best in specific market conditions. Click here to register

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Good Investing,

Stephen Bigalow