January 11th Market Direction

When to take profits! Join us this Saturday, January 16 for a full day of comprehensive training on the high probability profit-taking strategies produced by the simple visual analysis of candlestick. You do not have to be a sophisticated technical analyst to take advantage of the information revealed in candlestick charts. It becomes very obvious when investor sentiment is changing. So obvious it is like hearing somebody in a nudist camp say ” Boy, I would sure like to see her in a tight sweater.” Join us this Saturday. You will get more information than you expect.

An assumption, the electric vehicle industry is not only here to stay but likely has a huge market potential over the next few years. This makes simple candlestick scanning techniques valuable to the short-term trader as well as a long term investor. The electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly. Why? Two important elements! First, the general public favors electric vehicles that do not create pollution. This is the most powerful aspect of the popularity of electric vehicles. Secondly, technology! The technology advances in the power generation/batteries of electric vehicles are advancing exponentially. Simple candlestick scans will continue to illustrate which companies in this sector is producing the best technology. There will be many short-term, as well as long-term recommendations in this area. The Candlestick Forum will be providing a new service directly oriented toward the electric vehicle trading sector. Because technology is moving so fast in that industry, the candlestick charts will allow for reverse engineering analysis to identify which companies are advancing faster than others, producing better trading opportunities. This can be applied to the short-term trader as well as the long term investor.

The hanging man signal on Friday in the indexes revealed the potential of profit-taking/reversal if the indexes traded lower today. Profit-taking would be more implied based upon the indecisive candle that has formed in the indexes today. This still indicates the potential for more profit-taking, probably back down to the T line, but not indicating a full-scale reversal of the market trend. The strategy remains simple, stay long in the bullish sectors that continue to trade above the T line.