identify power signals January 10th Market Direction

The downtrend remains in progress, even though there are potential reversal signals formed today in the indexes. However, they have to be viewed with a little bit of skepticism because of the trajectory of the stochastics and the indexes continuing to trade below the T line. A change of market direction/investor sentiment requires bullish confirmation of reversal signals and a close above the T line. Until then, short positions can continue to be held with the T line being the final criteria.

A major advantage of candlestick analysis is not only being able to analyze what the overall market direction is doing, but being able to scan for the strongest powers signals that will be most profitable during the current trend. Obviously, and a bearish market, finding sell signals utilizing simple candlestick scanning techniques allows for high probability trades. But even more so is the identification of the power sell signals. This allows for maximizing profitability during an existing market trend. Join us this Saturday, January 15 for a Candlestick Mini Spotlight training, identifying the strong powers signals. Simple visual analysis allows investors to maximize their profitability by being in a strong price move. Click here for more info



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