Candlestick Analysis

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Why do most investors make very poor returns in the stock market? Unfortunately the answer is very simple, themselves! The investment markets are a level playing field for everybody. However it is a small percentage of investors that make big money from the markets. Why? Because those investors have learned to gain control of their own emotions! Most of the time, to become a successful investor requires many years of hard knocks, gaining costly experience for controlling one’s own emotions. There are many books demonstrating successful trading methods. There are a few books that delve into the description of how the human psyche is what usually keeps investors from making consistent profits in the investment markets

Candlestick Profits – Eliminating Emotions with Candlestick Analysis is a truly unique book. It reviews the major candlestick signals, reiterating the reasons that candlestick patterns have worked dramatically successfully through the past few centuries. This book also strikes at the heart of why most investors cannot make money in the markets. Stephen W Bigalow illustrates the gut wrenching truths of why our own emotions can make the most successful trading programs a failure. This information is what most investors either do not realize is occurring or they do not want to know that it is occurring. Most investors learn how to invest the wrong way. This ingrains the wrong mental disciplines into the majority of investors from the onset.

Candlestick Profits – Eliminating Emotions with Candlestick Analysis has a truly unique educational theme. Mr. Bigalow clearly demonstrates how the correct investment perspectives are built into the graphics of candlestick analysis. He also brings to light the obvious mental flaws most investors participate in due to their initial incorrect learning process. The most powerful aspect of this book is the demonstration of how the correct use of candlestick analysis not only helps investors ‘unlearn’ their incorrect investment perspectives, but quickly converts an investor’s outlook to evaluating investing in the correct manner. The most successful investing programs will not work correctly without the proper investment perspectives. This book will completely alter your own investment practices. The commonsense aspects of investing built into candlestick graphics allows investors to participate in a well disciplined trading program that has the ability to correct each individual investor’s self-discipline.

How often have you heard investment promotions state that if you learn just one of their trading secrets, it would pay for the whole training? What if your trading profitability is even more deep rooted than that? What if you could learn and/or resolve one of your personal mental flaws. Correcting that one aspect of your investment perceptions will improve your investing capabilities no matter which trading program you decide to use.

Most trading program promotions promise you great profits if you use their system. The unspoken assumption is that you know how to implement trading strategies correctly. The newly introduced trading strategy is successful because of the background of the developer. Do you think a new trading strategy was developed by somebody that had extensive trading background or somebody new to the investing arena? The major advantage of candlestick analysis is that it was developed based on one simple premise, common sense aspects of reoccurring investment sentiment. This factor is so basic, candlestick analysis has the power to convert investors with flawed investment perspectives and turn them into a productive investment thinker. Do not miss this opportunity to discover the hidden nuances of your own mind that might be keeping you from investing profitably.

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