August 10th Market Wrap-Up

Breakout trades are more effectively identified utilizing candlestick patterns. Breakout trades are merely identifying where a pattern breakout is likely to occur, usually at a moving average or resistance level everybody else is watching. The combination of a candlestick signal at a candlestick pattern breakout level greatly improves the probabilities that a strong breakout is occurring. This is what we called 2+2 analysis. The more visual bullish indicators that can be witnessed in one glance, the higher the probability bullish sentiment, or bearish sentiment, is about to explode. You do not have to be a sophisticated technical analyst to utilize the information built into candlestick signals. The signals are merely commonsense investment perspectives put into a graphic depiction. Patterns work consistently, with a high degree of probability, because human nature works the same way time after time. Your success in trading merely requires identifying the price moves that occur over and over with great consistency. Join us each Thursday night at and click on Stock chat. The password tonight’s bigalow 11. Join us, you will gain a lot of insights into the common sense aspects of candlesticks.