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Stephen Bigalow and a variety of Guest Speakers bring you the latest in trading software and share their personal strategies and investing techniques.

Free and paid sessions provide valuable trading tools to further your education and help you to build an effective trading style.

Powerful workshops and mini-webinars have something for every level of investor interested in Stocks, Options, FOREX, Futures, or E-minis.

All sessions include interactive Q & A to Ask the Experts your specific trading questions.

At the very least, you’ll gain enough knowledge to hold your own during company sessions when making 401K investment selections or conversing with your personal investor.

Live Online Workshop with Stephen Bigalow
Jan 30 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

January 30th: Live Online Workshop with Stephen Bigalow
“The ‘Powerful Punch’ of the Left/Right Combo Pattern”

Steve’s going to show you:

  • What the Left / Right Combo pattern looks like, how to find it and why it often foretells massive changes in the trading action
  • How the Left / Right Combo pattern can foreshadow major new moves in any trading entity – stocks, options, Forex, commodities… you name it!
  • Certain characteristics that make the Left / Right Combo pattern even more powerfully predictive than lots of its “classical” counterparts!

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