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September 15 Daily Market Comments

The indecisive trading is still obviously in a downward/slow trend. The NASDAQ is trading off almost 50 points while the Dow is trading positive six points, continuing to indicate there is no consensus in the markets as far as a hard selloff. Nothing has changed from the prognosis of the past few weeks, stay both long and short in the portfolio. … [Read More...]

September 10 Daily Market Comments

The selling of Tuesday is seen some residue selling Wednesday but not with the same magnitude. Currently the Dow is trading in decisively and appears to have supported so far on the 20 day moving average. Doji's at the end of the day in the indexes would indicate merely some profit-taking at these levels versus a change of investor sentiment. Even though we or slightly below the T-line, it appears as if the selling pressures are not exuberant. … [Read More...]

September 9 Daily Market Comments

The markets continue their wildly unexciting trend. Unless strong buying comes in in the latter part of the day, notice the slow rounding top, dumpling top, formations starting to develop. This implies two things. First, there will continue to be in extensive time frame of non-exciting market conditions and secondly be prepared for a strong down move if the dumpling top start showing aggressive selling. For now, continue to hold long positions that continue to demonstrate strength, staying above the T line, and have short positions in the portfolio. … [Read More...]

September 8 Daily Market Comments

The positive trading on Friday, followed by the selling today continues to indicate this market is now in a consolidation mode, obviously moving sideways without any conviction one way or the other. However, this is market conditions that continue to allow strong moving stocks to continue in their direction as well as weak moving stocks continuing to move in their direction. In these market conditions, have both long and short positions in the portfolio. … [Read More...]

August 29 Daily Market Comments

The Dow trading down and the NASDAQ trading up indicates there is no change of investor sentiment, the current trend remains in progress. The analysis remains the same, this is a sector specific market. Continue to hold long positions but don't let backing and filling scare you out of positions. Be sure to use reversal signals as your decision-making process, not merely selling days in uptrends. … [Read More...]

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