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July 2 Daily Market Comments

Nothing new in the market trend, the Dow is up slightly, the NASDAQ is down slightly, and neither are trading in a range big enough to indicate there is nothing more than sideways indecisive trading. More than likely, the lack of direction will be enhanced with most traders heading for the beach early today. … [Read More...]

July 1 Daily Market Comments

Yesterdays trading showed indecisive trading, Doji type days and inverted hammer days in the indexes. Today's positive trading shows a good indication that the bottom of the upward trend channel continue to act as support. This implies the trend channel will continue to hold but the nature of the market has not shown any change yet, it still remains a very indecisive trading market day to day. … [Read More...]

June 30 Daily Market Comments

Be careful, today's bullish trading may just be the offset of panic selling yesterday afternoon. If the characteristic of this market remains the same, today's trading should close near the high end of its trading range, continuing the indecisive nature of the markets. Keep in mind, any recommendations/positioning in this market condition requires entry confirmation. The market is telling us something! Obviously, there is no trend. Adjust your trading strategy accordingly. Either very quick trades or go fishing for a few days. … [Read More...]

Stock Market Education

Stephen Bigalow of the Candlestick Trading Forum invites you to expand your stock market education and join our Stock Market Trading Chat Sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings at 8 PM ET. The Monday night Stock Chat is for "Members Only". Steve provides an in-depth analysis of the market week ahead and reviews specific recommendations. Members are able to ask Steve specific advice about their own personal portfolios. The Thursday night Stock Chat is open to everyone. Stephen Bigalow and a variety of Guest Speakers bring you the latest in trading software and share their personal strategies and investing techniques. Free and paid sessions provide valuable trading tools to further your stock market education and help you to build an effective trading style. Powerful workshops and mini-webinars have something for every level of investor interested in Stocks, Options, FOREX, Futures, or E-minis. View Event Calendar Here All sessions include interactive Q & A to Ask the Experts your specific trading questions. At the very least, you’ll gain enough knowledge to hold your own during company sessions when making 401K investment selections or conversing with your personal investor. Thursday sessions are recorded and available for playback and if you stick around long enough at times our generous experts provide some sort of freebie or discounted offer to show their appreciation to Stephen Bigalow and followers. Coming up in July include a list of guest presentations that you don't want to miss. Presentations with trusted financial advisers including... Tim Plaehn with SeekingAlpha Ray Burchett for Emini Analysis Metastock Mark Dannenberg of Options Money Maker Vince Vora with Trading Wins That is just July! Each and every month Stephen brings those educators back by popular demand, depending upon what is occurring in the markets as well as newer traders who are making their mark in their specialty. Sign up and reserve … [Read More...]

June 29 Daily Market Comments

Greece! Watch for the knee-jerk reaction in today's trading. It is estimated that the economy of Greece is approximately the same as Rhode Island or Connecticut. As an economic factor, it does not mean anything. Unfortunately, as a political factor, it may allow Russia or China to get a foothold in the European sector. Watch the intraday charts. Although the indexes are trading lower, the NASDAQ is the most obvious, showing that the buying started as soon as it opened. What the indexes reveal at the end of the day will be most important. … [Read More...]

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