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August 4 Daily Market Comments

When the markets appear to be in the summer doldrums, after months of trading very lethargically, it becomes much more clear as to the benefits of candlestick charts. Candlestick charts can pinpoint the individual stock charts that are acting well. This can be seen in the fry pan bottoms and the belt hold signals that are performing well even though the overall market is sideways. … [Read More...]

August 3 Daily market Comments

The Dow is down, the NASDAQ is up, the S&P 500 is flat, indicating a continued lack of consensus in the markets. This continues to make individual stock/sectors the primary considerations. Continue to be both long and short in this market. … [Read More...]

July 31 Daily Market Comments

Although the markets continue to trade in an indecisive manner, they are trading above the T-line. The Dow is hovering right around the T-line. The short term uptrend, albeit very slow, remains in progress as long as the indexes remain above the T-line. The indecisive nature still warrants having both long and short positions established in the portfolio. … [Read More...]

Moving Averages with Candlestick Analysis

Combining Moving Averages and Candlestick Analysis is “Profit-Making Magic.” I recently added quite a few "new and improved" innovations to the so-called "classic" Japanese Candlestick methodology. Through more than three decades of intense study and analysis of candlestick patterns, I discovered a set of entirely new candlestick trading techniques which make the basic methodology even more powerful. Case in point? Check out his new free video training entitled "The Profit-Making Magic of Candlestick Patterns at Major Moving Averages." When certain candlestick patterns form at specific major moving averages, it does almost seem that magic happens... in the form of unusually large short-term gains as the trading trend drastically reverses. Click here for instant access to my new training video! In my new training video I explain: Why Candlestick signals combined with moving averages result in a higher number of money-making trades The 3 major moving averages that most, if not all, money managers use to make decisions about their portfolios Why the moving averages are very important trend indicators and how they can be used to generate more profits How using Candlestick signals along with the major moving averages can identify the ultimate buying and selling points In this free training video, I reveal strategies and techniques heretofore known to just a handful of traders in the world. You’ll begin to crave these types of situations, because you’ll know that they often lead to exciting, portfolio-enhancing short-term profits. Using Candlestick patterns, along with the moving averages in a much different capacity, creates a trading program that produces highly profitable trades. The trades are also provided with a much greater frequency. Fortunately, the use of the moving averages is very simple. Once applied to Candlestick charts, it makes the analysis of where a trend may support or resist a very simple visual … [Read More...]

July 30

The indecisive nature of the market continues. The Dow did not do a reversal signal two days ago, indicating the current uptrend may not be substantial. Today's weakness indicates the 200 day moving average may continue to act as resistance. There is a spreading formation in progress in the Dow, meaning the last low did not actually reach the bottom of the spreading wedge support area. There still has not been a candlestick reversal signal and a close above the T-line in the Dow. Short positions should still be a good portion of the portfolio. … [Read More...]

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