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October 24 Daily Market Comments

The markets are not showing any change of investor sentiment. The uptrend remains in progress with the 50 day moving average being the likely target. Continue to stay long in charts that are showing trading above the T-line. Bullish sentiment can be measured by the number of stocks that are gapping up on any given day. Currently, there are numerous gap up breakouts from frypan bottom and J-hook patterns. … [Read More...]

October 23 Daily Market Comments

Wednesday's profit-taking apparently is over. Thursday's strength clearly reveals the uptrend remains in progress especially with most of the indexes currently trading above Wednesday's open. The most compelling strength is seen in the NASDAQ, forming a trend kicker signal, making the 50 day moving average still the likely target. Stay long, stay nimble. … [Read More...]

October 22 Daily Market Comments

Although the markets are trading relatively in decisively today, after the strong move seen in the markets over the past four trading days, Wednesday's flat trading continues to demonstrate the strength of the bullish move. A profit-taking day of 60 or 80 points in the Dow would not have been unexpected. Currently there is no candlestick sell signals and the stochastics are still heading up, implying the Dow should get to the 50 day moving average before seeing some consolidation. … [Read More...]

October 21 Daily Market Comments

The transportation index is providing a valuable lesson, its strength is revealing that bullish sentiment has come back into the market with great enthusiasm. The Dow is currently trading positive after in indecisive day Monday closed right at the T-line, making Tuesday's activity a bullish Doji sandwich. The NASDAQ and the S&P 500 have gapped up well above the T-line. This adds viable confirmation that investor sentiment has turned around. Look for the markets to move back up into the trend channel that was developed over the past six months. This would imply more steady uptrend. … [Read More...]


Stock Market Holidays 2015

Stock Market Holidays 2015 Stock trading in the USA takes place throughout the year, Monday through Friday, except for stock market holidays. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NYSE Amex, NYSE Amex Options, NYSE Arca, NYSE Arca Options, NYSE Bonds, NYSE Liffe U.S., and NASDAQ are open during regular hours, Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time. It is important to know when stock market holidays occur because it can also be profitable. Trading volume will often dip in advance of stock market holidays as traders leave town for extended weekends. After stock market holidays, trading may pick up substantially as the market reacts to the collective stock market news that occurs when everyone was out of town. Trading bad news gaps can be profitable when bad news occurs over stock market holidays. A breakout gap can also occur as trading resumes after stock market holidays. The market will open either substantially lower or substantially higher than its pre-holiday close in these two situations. Traders that follow gaps use Candlestick stock analysis to predict evolving market sentiment and profit with candlestick trading tactics. The market inefficiency that comes with gap trading can be very profitable for those who objectively follow market reversal as well as new trends. Using Candlestick patterns as a guide, traders can avoid the pitfalls of trading psychology. The twin demons of fear and greed are powerful adversaries. Using the clear and easy to read signals of candlestick analysis can give the trader a profitable view of the market. Stock market holidays each year occur on the following days and are as follows for the year 2015: New Year’s Day January 1st Martin Luther King’s Birthday January 19th Washington’s Birthday February 16th Good Friday April 3rd Memorial Day May 25th Independence Day July 4th (observed July 3rd) Labor Day September 7th Thanksgiving Day *November 26th Christmas … [Read More...]

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