Who’s Making Your Investment Decisions?

More people are learning to make their own investment decisions. Stephen Bigalow provides the ultimate trading environment for individuals interested in expanding their investment knowledge, and their profits!

Helping individuals just like you since 2001. Members enjoy an active trading community. Whether you join the Live Trading Room during market hours, or jump in after-hours, you’ll find a friendly group of individuals sharing knowledge and trading opportunities.

Members Benefits include:

Live Trading Room

Investors working together  during market hours. Or, after-hours in a friendly members-only Trading Room.  Why trade alone when you can chat with fellow traders? See, hear, and discuss everything from breaking stocks on the move to new trading strategies.

Nothing to download; easy access from any computer.

Live Market Analysis with Stephen Bigalow 

Start your trading day with timely market assessments with Steve, while he reviews the Daily Stocks of Interest and Open Positions. Take advantage of Steve’s expertise with Q & A during the first and last hour of the trading day. (Steve’s often in the room throughout the trading day to help evaluate particular trades members are actively trading)

Live Monday Stock Chat Sessions – the Week Ahead with Stephen Bigalow

7PM Central (8PM Eastern) members gather in the live webinar room to plan for the week ahead. The sessions are oriented toward educating investors on technical analysis, beginning with Candlstick signals…..scanning techniques for narrowing down a large universe of stocks into manageable watch lists…specific evaluations on both short and long-term trading positions.

All recorded and available for playback the next day.

Daily Market Comments

Stay on top of market conditions and the latest changes in Daily Stocks of Interest Steve and the Candlestick Forum Members are following.

Twice daily; AM & PM market comments via email or in restricted Members-only area. 

Daily Stocks of Interest

Each evening members receive a video explanation of 2 or 3 trading opprotunities that personally catch Steve’s eye. This is one of our members favorite features; not only because Steve shares trades he is personally considering for the next day, but because of the educational value the videos provide showing the technical analysis process behind the trade.

Daily Review of Open Positions

Just like the Daily stocks of interest; members receive nightly videos of open positions placed into trade during the day. These reviews keep everyone up-to-date with specific stops for active positions.


FREE Admission to Paid Training Events – added value of $200+/month!

An average of two monthly Live Paid Trading Events – completely free for members to attend (plus, members receive 25% discount on any additional events not included in the twice monthly freebies0

VIP Lounge – each month members enjoy a recording from a previous paid training event

Free Video-of-the-Month (added value averages $70+/month) - Selected from our active Training Products and rotated the first Monday of each month.

Member subscriptions begin at only $97 per month with additional savings for Quarterly, Semi-annual, and Annual Memberships.