Weekly Watch List November 30th – December 4th

The markets remain in a uptrend, the NASDAQ showing the most strength while the Dow is slow uptrend/sideways. This implies that not every sector is moving in a bullish direction. Fortunately, simple candlestick scanning techniques reveal which sectors are acting the strongest. The electric vehicle industry continues to show good chart patterns, BLNK, GP, HYLN, FSR can be bought on continued strength. The Biotech’s continue to show good J-hook patterns, indicating more upside MRNA, TRIL, VXRT, INO, ABUS. The telecommunication sector is starting to show strength, IDT,HEAR, ADTN, TMUS, KT, MBT, AMX. The stars are put in alignment when buying the strong sectors/strong stocks in those sectors. The slow pace of the uptrend also indicates shorting stocks with good strong bearish patterns, i.e. GOOS with a bearish flutter kicker signal. The T-line continues to remain as a valuable trend indicator. As long as the market indexes stay above the T-line without any significant candlestick sell signal, assume the slow uptrend remains in progress.