Weekly Watch List January 11th – January 15th

FREE SAMPLE Candlestick signals and patterns illustrate which stocks and sectors are showing the greatest strength or the greatest weakness. These advantages are being applied also to a very specific industry, The electric vehicle industry.

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An assumption, the electric vehicle industry is not only here to stay but likely has a huge market potential over the next few years. This makes simple candlestick scanning techniques valuable to the short-term trader as well as a long term investor. The electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly. Why? Two important elements! First, the general public favors electric vehicles that do not create pollution. This is the most powerful aspect of the popularity of electric vehicles. Secondly, technology! The technology advances in the power generation/batteries of electric vehicles are advancing exponentially. This is making electric vehicles very rapidly affordable.

But here is the major problem of investing in the electric vehicle sector. Which company’s technology is going to make another company’s technology rapidly obsolete? This is where candlestick analysis provides a huge advantage for investors. Wouldn’t you like to be able to immediately identify which companies are creating a technological advantage? There are currently over 50 companies in the process of producing both electric automobiles and trucks.