Weekly Watch List April 5th – April 9th

You can maximize profits by applying the correct option trading strategy to the correct candlestick pattern breakout. Because candlestick analysis is simple, candlestick option trading strategies are simple also. You do not have to learn difficult option strategies. Join us this Saturday for a full day training on how to apply simple option trading strategies to the appropriate candlestick pattern. You will gain some valuable insights and you will keep it simple.

The NASDAQ showed excessive bullish confirmation following the double Doji set up, an extremely high probability trades set up. It provided additional bullish confirmation by gapping up through the 50 day moving average and continuing to trade positive. This is making strong sectors excessively strong. This allows for putting all the stars in alignment. Accurately assessing the overall market trend, identifying the strongest sectors in the uptrend, and then identifying the strongest stocks in those sectors. This dramatically improves the probabilities of being in the correct trades at the correct time. This is based upon one simple indicator, normal human nature.