Good Short Trade Setups

When you do you take profits and when to use short? This is the advantage candlestick charts provide for investors. Just because it is time to sell does not necessarily mean you want to short. Candlestick signals and patterns show when a powerful sell force is coming into a price. This Saturday, our full day training on when to sell is going to be accentuated by the indicators that produce the best probabilities for getting out of a bullish trade and identifying the strongest selling signals that would warrant shorting trades. This is based upon reoccurring human nature through the centuries.
The Dow is currently revealing a bullish Harami at a potential support level. This makes it very important to see what the premarket futures are demonstrating tomorrow. These market conditions are providing excellent bullish trades as well as excellent short trades. Obviously when the market conditions do not show a decisive consensus in all the indexes, having the ability to make profits both long and short dramatically reduces the risk. There are currently some very strong sell signals in specific sectors. There are also some very strong bullish patterns in other sectors.

Join us this Saturday for a full-day training on when candlestick charts are revealing the probabilities going against long position trends, indicating when it is time to take profits. This information is also applied to when to take profits on short trades. You will gain an immense amount of insights for when to close profitable trades without giving back some of those profits. Join us Saturday, you will get much more information than you anticipate. Click here to register.