Online Workshop with Brad Powell

May 18th: Recorded Online Workshop with Guest Presenter Brad Powell

“Tools to Maximize Profit and Control Risk in Today’s ETF Markets”

In this free online seminar Brad will show you:

  • Hidden risks inherent to trading leveraged ETFsTechnical analysis tools that help you stay with a trend
  • How the same tools can help you manage risk on every trade
  • Hidden risks inherent to trading leveraged ETFs
  • Why risk management in ETFs begins before you ever place a trade

During the presentation, Brad made a special offer to get his ETF Trader’s Handbook at a discounted price.

The ETF Trader’s Handbook includes all of the following:

  • How leveraged ETFs differ from traditional tracking “spdrs”
  • How to use leverage to your advantage while minimizing risk
  • Common pitfalls trading leveraged ETFs
  • Criteria for selecting the best ETFs to trade
  • A divergence strategy for ETFs
  • Trade management for ETFs
  • and much more . . .

It’s an on-demand training course that comes with on-going support so that you can learn to adjust your strategies as market conditions change.

Click Here to View the Recorded Free Webinar and Get this Limited-Time Special Offer.

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Happy investing.