October 8th Market Wrap-Up

The ability to make consistent profits in the markets is dramatically enhanced when utilizing candlestick signals and patterns in conjunction with the T-line indicator. The analysis of the market trend is greatly improved when knowing the market indexes continue to trade above or below the T-line. As illustrated over the past two weeks of trading, the indexes have waffled/isolated dramatically on a day-to-day basis. But the underlying factor remains that the uptrend is in progress because the indexes could never close below the T-line. This is not rocket science! This is merely utilizing the information provided in 400 years of analysis from the Japanese rice traders. Investor sentiment produces high probability reoccurring signals and patterns. Once you have learned what the expected results are from candlestick signals and patterns, you control your own investment results.

The J-hook pattern has been a high-profit pattern in the current market conditions. Our trade recommendation for GOOS has produced good profits even in the midst of a highly oscillating slow market trend. Recognizing the J-hook pattern set up early today provided our chat room members with a 28% profit move. The benefit of candlestick patterns is merely the visual recognition of what usually occurs in human nature. Join us on October 17 and 18th for a comprehensive training utilizing candlestick signals and patterns in conjunction with the T-line. Candlestick analysis is the utilization of the reoccurring results of human nature. The T-line acts like a natural support and resistance level of human nature. The combination produces an extremely high probability trade strategy result. Chat session tonight at 8 PM ET with Guest Speaker Steven Primo. Click here to register.

Good investing,

The Candlestick Forum team.