October 28th Market Direction




The patterns contribute tremendously when analyzing the overall market trend. The NASDAQ is doing a J-hook pattern up through the breakout level of the wedge. The S&P 500 has gapped up through the all-time high resistance level and continuing to trade higher. The Dow is forming a J-hook pattern implying it is heading to the upper resistance level. The 2+2 analysis clearly indicates continued bullish sentiment based upon candlestick patterns at obvious breakout levels. Until there is a definite candlestick reversal signal, stay predominantly long. Knowing what a candlestick pattern illustrates and witnessing that pattern occurring at levels that everybody else’s watching allows the candlestick investor to execute positions with much more aggressiveness. The NASDAQ demonstrated a J-hook pattern confirmation as it was going through an upper resistance level. The S&P 500 gapped up through the all-time high breakout level. The graphics of candlestick signals and patterns merely illustrate the logic built into investor sentiment. When prices/trends gap up through an obvious resistance level, it merely indicates that investor sentiment did not have any concern about those resistance levels, implying price movement moving much higher.

The information built into candlestick patterns and signals allow for an extremely high probability analysis of a price move as well as the identification of a high profit price move. Witnessing candlestick signals in the development of a candlestick pattern dramatically improves the probabilities of participating in a high profit move. Candlestick analysis has the benefit of anticipating the results of investor sentiment that has performed the same way time after time for the past 400 years. Profiting from candlestick patterns is merely identifying high profit results of human nature. For example, witnessing a belt hold signal as a frypan bottom pattern is developing as illustrated in our recommendation of GOSS, dramatically improves the probabilities of profiting from that pattern. This is merely applying the probabilities of being in the correct direction of profitable trades a high percentage of the time.

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