October 10th Market Wrap Up

Today’s positive trading was well anticipated. The setup for a bullish flutter kicker was established in Wednesdays trading. The bullish flutter kicker signal is one of your strongest candlestick reversal signals. It is created when the trading gaps up to the top of the previous day’s open, which had been a bearish candle, and forms a Doji. The gap up itself was a sign of a potential reversal. Once the Doji was formed, a bullish flutter kicker signal is easily recognized as well as anticipated. The Doji rule – prices will usually move in the direction of how they open after a Doji, makes entering profitable trades an immediate process. The bullish flutter kicker signal as anticipated as soon as there is a positive open after the Doji. Knowing this signal is being created allows for establishing profitable positions upon the open.

Anticipating the market indexes are going to trade positive allows a candlestick investor to immediately establish bullish positions in individual stock charts that are also creating bullish flutter kicker signals. NVDA and AAPL had bullish flutter kicker set ups. This is where the 2+2 analysis greatly improves the probabilities of being in a profitable trade. A bullish flutter kicker signal in NVDA provided clear evidence the frypan bottom pattern was going to stay above the T-line, implying more upside.AAPL produce the same scenario, a frypan bottom pattern that would be confirmed with a positive open after yesterday’s Doji, illustrating a breakout of the observable resistance level. Candlestick charts allow for the analysis of a build up of investor sentiment, creating a candlestick pattern. Identifying a strong bullish candlestick signal at a breakout level dramatically improves being in the appropriate trade at the appropriate time. This is merely taking advantage of the consistent patterns that are created by human nature time after time.

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Good Investing,

The Candlestick Forum Team