May 25th Market Wrap-Up

NVDA has brought attention to the artificial intelligence area. this allows you to pinpoint where the strong trades are going to occur. Artificial intelligence has been getting a bad rap from the so-called experts. Artificial intelligence is going to destroy the world in their opinion. But most companies utilizing artificial intelligence for their own benefit or service companies that can provide artificial intelligence programs for a company to improve their productivity are not using it to get ready to destroy things. It’s function is to improve a company’s profitability. The market conditions have to be analyzed based upon what is moving the market indexes. The big-name stocks are what are producing a bullish trend in the NASDAQ, but the majority of stocks are drifting lower. You gain a huge benefit by being able to scan which stocks are producing the strongest bullish potential as well as the strongest bearish potential. The Dow is showing a much different trend analysis. It is been in a downtrend, trading below the T line for the last few months. Fortunately, simple scanning techniques allow for the identification of which stocks/sectors are producing the strongest bullish moves as well as the strongest bearish moves. Candlestick analysis is the purest form of visual analysis illustrating what price moves are doing.


Pinpoint a high-profittrades! When the NASDAQ is trading higher in the Dow is trading lower, the information built into candlestick signals allows you to identify which trades to be long and which trades to be short.

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