March 9th Market Wrap-Up

The best trade entries are produced by candlestick signals and patterns. The best trade entries utilize pattern setups followed by individual candlestick signal confirmation. Currently, the market downtrend was easily recognized by the evening star failure of the indexes at the resistance levels, the Dow failed at the 50-day moving average, and the NASDAQ failed at a down-trending resistance level. The visual graphics of candlesticks allow an investor to identify when the market is merely bouncing versus having a full-scale reversal signal. The bearish J-hook pattern formed in the indexes could also be witnessed in individual stock charts. This allows for optimal entries for short positions. The graphics of candlestick signals and patterns dramatically improve an investor’s trend analysis. Join us tonight for the candlestick forum free training session. Discover which short positions should have the most substantial downside potential. Quick survey – we have been approached by a hedge fund manager to set up a candlestick trading hedge fund, going both long and short. These usually require qualified investors with $250,000 to invest in the fund and will accept $100,000 investments. If there is any interest, please email for more details.

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Stephen Bigalow