March 23rd Market Direction

What is affecting the market trend? Politics! That was evident in the price movements of the markets today when there was the prospects of a relief bill passing and then the realization the relief bill was not passing. This becomes relevant information for anticipating the market trend is predicated on what bills can be passed. That implies the market trend has gotten to a level where investor sentiment is looking for something to help reverse the downtrend. What will be the best stock price reversals when the market reverses? That is currently being illustrated by candlestick reversal signals already performing. Last week ZM was identified as a potential J-hook pattern. Today, there were numerous Doji sandwich breakouts through the T line. What this illustrates is that buying has started back in this market. The candlestick investor gains a huge advantage by being able to identify which stock/sectors are starting to show buy signals. This implies that those stock/sectors will probably act the strongest when the market in general starts reversing and showing strength. The more you learn what is incorporated into candlestick signals, the more you become convinced that price movements are based upon investor sentiment. Even if you have a relatively successful trading strategy/system that you are currently using, when you add candlestick analysis charts to your analysis, you dramatically improve the visualization of successful price moves.

Do not get discouraged. If you are relatively new at candlestick analysis, the lack of any good trade set ups from the candlestick charts is very informative. There are not any good candlestick trade set ups occurring in this market. 98% of the time the candlestick charts will reveal a number of good bullish charts or berries charts no matter which way the market is moving. 2% of the time the markets will illustrate not to be in the market. We are in that 2% time frame. Be patient, the rubber band is stretching. There will be strong bullish trades very soon. Chat session tonight at 8 PM ET. Mark your calendars, April 4 and 5 will be a two day comprehensive training, the Triple T training. This is identifying and understanding the major candlestick signals and patterns with enhancing probabilities of the T line. Take advantage of this information, it will improve your investment perspectives for the rest of your life.

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