March 19th Market Wrap-Up

When is it time to buy? Wouldn’t you like to have a set of indicators that revealed when a trend reversal was about to occur? You have it! Candlestick analysis is extremely reliable. You are able to visually recognize when investor sentiment is about to occur. This is becoming evident based upon the appearance of reversal signals in the major indexes. Why was Today’s bullish trading any more relevant than other bullish trading days during this downtrend, bullish trading days that did not create a reversal? They were not reversal signals. The Dow has formed to Doji days in a row. These are actually potential reversal signals in the oversold condition well away from the T-line. That makes the viability of the past two trading days much more important. This is information you will be able to utilize to enhance your analysis of price movements. Does this mean a reversal is about to occur? This means the probabilities of a reversal about to occur extremely strong.

Putting the stars in alignment, being able to visually evaluate whether there is a reversal about to occur makes scanning for bullish chart patterns the current strategy. There are numerous stock price reversals in progress. Although a major reversal has not yet occurred in the general market, it is evident that there is buying in specific stocks and sectors. You do not have to be a sophisticated technical analyst when using the graphics of candlestick charts. Simply viewing the candlestick formations produces high probability evidence the bulls are starting to buy. The simple visual analysis of a candlestick chart allows you to have much greater control of your own investing future. Take advantage of our chat session tonight, which will be incorporating candlestick reversal signals in conjunction with the T-line. This is information that dramatically improves an investors profitable probabilities. Chat Session tonight with Stephen Bigal0w. Click here to register.


Good investing,

The Candlestick Forum team.