March 16th Market Direction

The bottom is near! Candlestick logic provides the evidence to back up that statement. Investor sentiment produces the same results time after time. When investor sentiment can be correlated with confirming indicators, the probabilities of a reversal get very strong. The graphic depiction of human nature can be easily identified on a candlestick chart. It allows you to take the guesswork out of investing, eliminating emotions.You do not have to be a sophisticated technical analyst! You merely need to learn what the signals are demonstrating, when a reversal in investor sentiment is getting prepared. Before candlestick analysis came along, I would be crying in my beer, waiting for the market to turn around and stop my losses. Now, there is no anxiety. Simple candlestick signals showed when it was time to close out long positions and go short. That was about a month ago. That was not based upon having any great insights as to a strong selling market, it was merely identifying what the candlestick charts were revealing.

But now there are indications of a bottom in the market. The first analytical factor is when candlestick reversal signals indicate it is time to buy. But then there is a another important factor! Buy what? Fortunately the simple candlestick scanning techniques reveal which stocks or sectors are going to produce the biggest upside potential. Today indicated gold stocks were getting bullish sentiment. Medical stocks started showing strength also. Candlestick analysis creates a ‘reverse engineering process’. This is simply the visual alert provided by candlestick charts indicating where the buying is coming in. The reverse engineering process is merely analyzing why that sector is gaining strength. Bottom line, this process puts you in the right positions at the right time with a high degree of probability. We will be doing a special session on Wednesday night March 18, illustrating how to identify breakout moves and the strong reversal signals indicating which sectors are going to produce the biggest profits.Why is it so hard to buy at the bottom? Because we all have the same fears. Candlestick analysis changes all that. Because the graphics of candlestick signals reveal what is going on in investor sentiment, witnessing buy signals provides valuable information. It was revealing that somebody was overcoming the fear factor. WHO? The smart money! And we want to be trading with the smart money.


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