March 13th Market Direction

Is there a bank crisis? Could a bank crisis escalate? The answer is not important!. The analysis of what the market thinks the results will be is the important factor.

With the Fed raise interest rates at the same pace, or will they slow down the rate of rate hikes? That is not important! Candlestick analysis reveals what investor sentiment is doing based on all the possibilities. Fortunately for the candlestick investor, candlestick patterns such as the dumpling top provide a precursor for what investor sentiment is likely to be doing. The strength of a downtrend from a dumpling top allows for preparing for the next good trade setup. As an options trader, this information produces a high probability of expected results. Candlestick analysis indicators confirm the current market downtrend. The bearish candlestick patterns remain in effect with the additional confirmation of the indexes continuing to trade below the T line. Take advantage of this information. It allows investors to maximize their profitability by utilizing the appropriate options at the appropriate times.

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Good Investing,

Stephen Bigalow