June 21st Market Direction

High probability trades are easily identified using candlestick signal results. A common question is when you have so many good bullish reversal signals on any given day, how do you pick the best trades. High probability trades are based upon candlestick signal and pattern expectations. The inverted hammer signal provides a 95% or greater probability an uptrend is in progress if it opens positive and trades positive after the inverted hammer signal. Pattern breakouts also provides two major benefits. First, a high probability of the direction of the next move and secondly, a strong move is expected. This allows the candlestick investor to constantly cultivate their portfolio positions to be in the best possible/most profitable trade set ups. This process allows the candlestick investor to constantly improve the probabilities of profitable trades. Join us Saturday, June 25 for a full day training on daytrading set ups that produce good expected results. This is not only good for daytrading but also for fine-tuning swing trading entries. Join us, you will get a lot more information than you expect

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