June 16th Market Wrap up

High probability signals produce very accurate trend analysis. High probability signals such as the double Doji and the bearish kicker signal were demonstrated in the Dow and the NASDAQ, indicating the downtrend remains in progress. It is not unusual to see strong whipsaw action during Fed announcements. However, witnessing the gap down from yesterday’s trading the next day merely indicates the knee-jerk reaction of yesterday’s trading was then followed by the reality that raising interest rates didn’t magically change the overall scenario of economic conditions. Further bearish confirmation was the fact that all the market indexes around the world were selling off. The candlestick investor can trade with much more confidence knowing that bearish candlestick signals is confirming the obvious downtrend. There are numerous candlestick signals and patterns that produce very high probability trade results. Knowing these trade set ups allows for very profitable/high probability daytrade set ups. Join us Saturday, June 25 for a full day daytrading training that visually recognizes when a high probability trade is about to occur. You will get much more information than you anticipate.