June 13th Market Direction

The strongest bearish trades are easily identified with candlestick analysis. The strongest bearish trades become highly profitable when able to accurately evaluate the overall market direction and then identify the strongest bearish candlestick signals in individual stock charts. Bearish Best Friend signals and bearish Kicker signals can produce very profitable short positions as well as put trades and put spreads. The simple candlestick scanning techniques allow investors to identify which stocks are being sold with the greatest bearish force. Simple visual analysis improves the prospects of a bearish trade when the signals occur at major resistance levels. Knowing the expectations of candlestick signals and patterns also produce a self-induced indicator. If you wake up in the morning and feel anxious about your portfolio/trade positions, it means you are probably positioned incorrectly based on what the candlestick market trend indicators represent. If you wake up in the morning and you feel very comfortable with your existing positions, you have utilized the information in the candlestick charts, dramatically reducing the emotional expectations of what you hope would be occurring. The Japanese rice traders have a very simple analysis. Let the market tell you what the market is doing! That will consistently put you in the correct trades with a high probability.