January 17th Market Direction

The ultimate candlestick trend analysis incorporates both candlestick patterns and candlestick signals. The ultimate trend analysis utilizes investor sentiment showing either a strong trend reversal or a consistent investor sentiment buildup. Today, the Dow sold off hard, the likely result of Goldman Sachs missing the earnings. But the NASDAQ closed higher. There is a simple logic analysis. If one index is trading lower while another is trading higher, that merely indicates a shift of funds from sector to sector, not a major change in investor sentiment. The fry pan bottom pattern in the market indexes also makes fry pan bottom breakouts in individual stocks’ high-profit trade setups. Join us Saturday, January 21, for a full day of training on how to utilize the combination of candlestick patterns in analyzing the overall market trends and individual stocks that produce the highest profitability when demonstrating a pattern breakout in the same direction as the market.

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Good Investing,

Stephen Bigalow