January 13th Market Wrap-Up

The visuals of candlestick analysis make trend analysis very easy to apply. As illustrated in the Dow and the NASDAQ, the positive trading of the past few trading days did not have a final bullish confirmation, a close above the T line. Especially in the NASDAQ, where after a few bullish trading days, which were not candlestick reversal signals, yesterday’s trading still could not close above the T line. That probability factor makes suspecting whether a bullish reversal has occurred much more enhanced. Additionally, the lack of a close above the T line was also suspect because stochastics were still in a downward trajectory. These simple factors allow the candlestick investor to maintain portfolio positioning without getting whipsawed out of a good trade.

It can be easily analyzed as far as the overall direction of a market trend. Logic dictates that if you can analyze a downtrend is starting or in progress, simple candlestick scanning techniques allow for identifying good short trades. But profitability can be greatly improved by identifying the power short trades. Join us this Saturday, January 15 ,for identifying the simple process, for not only being in the correct direction of a trade, but identifying the correct direction AND trades that will have the most profitability prospects. The Candlestick Frum Mini Spotlight training sessions are scheduled for one hour ( anticipate at least two hours) for revealing the strongest trades set ups. Join us, you will get much more information than you expect. Click here to register.

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Good Investing,

Stephen Bigalow