Feb 16

You can make huge profits by taking advantage of pattern breakouts, illustrating when investor sentiment creates a huge price moves. As long as the market indexes continue to trade above the T line, the lack of fear of any bearish sentiment in the markets will continue to produce huge profit potential on Fry Pan Bottom breakouts. This is illustrated in our recent recommendations on CAN, FINV, and NCTY. Fry pan bottom breakout potential’s are occurring in MP and FTFT. The candlestick investor gains a huge advantage when recognizing a pattern at the breakout area. Positive trading, confirming a pattern breakout, provides to valuable pieces of information for the candlestick investor. It produces an extremely high probability trend direction and a high probability of a high profit trade.

The graphics of candlestick analysis allows for accurate evaluation of specific sectors. Currently, Biotech’s are still working extremely bullish. The electric vehicle sector is in a consolidation mode. This can be easily identified with sell signals and trading below the T line. Having the ability to make that assessment allows investors to move funds to other areas until the electric vehicle sector gets new buying. Simply stated, candlestick analysis provides a common sense trading strategy that keeps an investor’s funds in the appropriate stock/sectors. The Candlestick Forum POWER TRADE training session, scheduled for February 20, has been postponed due to freezing temperatures in Texas.