December 31st Daily Market Comments


There does not appear to be any excessive activity in the markets today, anticipating that a large number of traders/investors are still in vacation mode. However, that was the same theory last week with the thousand point plus day in the Dow. If there is not any great chart setups, keep your powder dry. A very telling indicator will be revealed on Wednesday, the first trading of the new year, by witnessing which sectors are coming out of the chute with the greatest strength. This is the accumulative analysis of the big-money funds positioning themselves in sectors they believe will do well in the first part of 2019. When asked what the markets are likely to do in 2019, there is only one viable answer! Who knows! The best thing an investor can do is utilize the information built into candlestick signals to profit from what the markets are telling us. Do not base your investment strategy on what talking heads are predicting. They have no idea what the markets will do. Use the vacation time to analyze what you did wrong and what you did right in your trading this past year. Using the candlestick charts correctly will make for a profitable new year no matter what the market does.