December 2nd Market Wrap-Up

A bullish Harami formed in the Dow today at the 200 days moving average in the oversold condition. This produces a high probability reversal setup. Positive trading tomorrow would confirm the bullish Harami. The first target would be to see what type of signal occurs at the T line. These market conditions produce the trading environment that allows for profitable trades both on the long side and the short side. The ultimate indicator is the T line. As illustrated in our recommendation to short AFRM, visually identifying the blue ice failure pattern produces an extremely high probability the downtrend could likely move to the 200-day moving average. Utilizing high probability trade setups, such as flutter kicker signals, trend kicker signals, and Doji sandwiches allows for excellent day trade and swing trade entry points. Join us this Saturday, December 4 for a Mini spotlight training on daytrade entries. This information allows investors to be prepared for high probability profitable trades. $27 for members, $47 for nonmembers. Click here for more information.


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The Candlestick Forum Team