December 29th Market Wrap-Up

What are the best stocks for 2023? You do not have to be an analyst to try to figure that out. The best stocks for 2023 are being fully researched by every money manager around the world. They are all using the holidays to assess what their strengths and weaknesses were in 2022. They are also analyzing where they want to move funds for 2023. This is usually indicated on the first couple of trading days going into a new year. Candlestick charts immediately reveal the best stocks for 2023 by identifying where big money is placing their trades. The Candlestick Forum trains investors how to utilize the information built into a candlestick chart to identify high-probability price moves. Investor sentiment reacts the same way time after time. The Candlestick Forum training educates investors to recognize the price pattern setups that will produce better probabilities of being in solid and correct trades. As illustrated in the current market trend, the Santa Claus rally that everybody predicted did not occur. Candlestick charts reveal what is happening versus what everybody is expecting to happen. You can gain a huge advantage for analyzing market trends and individual stock price moves with the information built into candlestick signals and patterns. To disregard this information is putting yourself at a disadvantage. It does not take long to learn the price patterns showing strong price movements, either bullish or bearish. Join us this year at the Candlestick Forum chat rooms. You will gain an immense amount of information that will greatly improve your assessments of trade setups. Happy new year!

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