April 29th Market Wrap-Up

What creates the ultimate entry strategies for a trade? Knowing what the results should be after a candlestick signal or pattern. The J-hook patterns are currently producing very big profits in these market conditions. Candlestick pattern results provide two huge advantages! First, it is easy to identify the high probability direction. Second, the magnitude of the price move is usually excessive. Because human nature reacts the same way time after time, candlestick patterns show when investor sentiment is going to produce a high profit trade. Join us in our chat rooms. Fortunately, there are numerous candlestick traders that help identify the setups for a big trade potential. Every time a candlestick signal/pattern confirms, the probabilities of being in a profitable trade is extremely high.

The markets are in a sideways/slow upward mode. The uptrend remains in progress as long as the indexes continue to trade above the T line. However, this does not necessarily mean the market uptrend is going to be strong enough to rise all boats. Simple candlestick scanning techniques allow investors to have a constant supply of strong trade potentials.



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The Candlestick Forum team