April 27th Market Wrap-Up

Breakout patterns dramatically reduce the fear of getting into big price moves. Breakout patterns can be entered much more accurately upon witnessing a breakout pattern and then going to the 10 minute chart. This becomes very effective going into earnings. Today’s positive trading in the Dow in the S&P 500 did not produce bullish reversal signals, but the positive trading did indicate that there was going to be more possible upside in the markets but the lack of candlestick reversal signals provide to caution that the uptrend may not be a full-fledged uptrend. Watch to see what happens at the first major resistance levels. However, the NASDAQ has produced a strong bullish reversal, implying the market is going to produce good bullish trades in specific sectors as well as good bearish trades in other sectors. Microsoft has produced a bullish flutter kicker signal. Join us tonight on identifying the three kicker signals that have the probabilities of producing strong price moves. This information allows an investor to take advantage of a market trend move by finding the strongest trending stocks during the price move.

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Good Investing,

Stephen Bigalow