Online Workshop with Brad Powell

May 18th: Recorded Online Workshop with Guest Presenter Brad Powell

“Tools to Maximize Profit and Control Risk in Today’s ETF Markets”

In this free online seminar Brad will show you:

  • Hidden risks inherent to trading leveraged ETFsTechnical analysis tools that help you stay with a trend
  • How the same tools can help you manage risk on every trade
  • Hidden risks inherent to trading leveraged ETFs
  • Why risk management in ETFs begins before you ever place a trade

During the presentation, Brad made a special offer to get his ETF Trader’s Handbook at a discounted price.

The ETF Trader’s Handbook includes all of the following:

  • How leveraged ETFs differ from traditional tracking “spdrs”
  • How to use leverage to your advantage while minimizing risk
  • Common pitfalls trading leveraged ETFs
  • Criteria for selecting the best ETFs to trade
  • A divergence strategy for ETFs
  • Trade management for ETFs
  • and much more . . .

It’s an on-demand training course that comes with on-going support so that you can learn to adjust your strategies as market conditions change.

Click Here to View the Recorded Free Webinar and Get this Limited-Time Special Offer.

Take advantage of the Professional Options Trader Course special now and learn proven techniques to protect and grow your account.

Happy investing.


Video: How to Score an Unfair Advantage Over Other Traders

May 4th: Workshop with Steve Bigalow

“How to Score an Unfair Advantage Over Other Traders”

During this powerful free session you’ll discover:

  • How to get an edge over every other trader in the market, bordering on insider information (but legal).
  • How taking profits from the market can be like taking candy from a baby. You can know exactly when to enter and exit each and every trade… with maximum gains intact.
  • How to use his Triple-T Trading system to gain such a definite edge in your trading, you will in fact feel you have an unfair advantage over every other trader in the market.

During the presentation, Steve announced a special opportunity to attend his upcoming Triple-T Trading 2-Day Live Online Bootcamp on May 20th and 21st (including the recordings) at a discounted price. You can still get it here!

The Triple-T Trading 2-Day Bootcamp includes comprehensive training on all of the following topics:

  • Timing the Best Trade Entries
  • The Bobble Pattern
  • The T-Line Crunch
  • Triple-T Trading and the Fry Pan Bottom
  • The Slow Curve
  • T-line Trading For Fast Profits
    …and more!

Armed with these additional Triple-T Trading weapons, you might just be unstoppable in the trading market of your choice. Imagine how you can feel, trading with full confidence, banking profit after profit on almost every trade using one of the most deadly accurate (yet easy to learn) trading systems!

You can view both the video and offer here as well!

Happy investing.


Video: Guest Presentation with Vince Vora of TradingWins

In Case You Missed it! Recorded Online Workshop with Vince Vora of TradingWins.

“Master the Market with Options”

  • During this powerful free session you’ll learn:
  • How to use high volatility to your advantage for more powerful trades
  • Strategies to ratchet up your profits using simple calls and puts
  • How to easily and confidently protect all your positions at all times
  • The real truth behind who actually makes money in the options market

During the presentation, Vince made a special offer to get his Professional Options Trader Course at a discounted price.

The Professional Options Trader Course includes all of the following:

  • Options strategies from basic calls and puts to Straddles and Strangles
  • Delta-Neutral strategies to take advantage of price movements regardless of direction
  • Income-generating credit spreads to create a consistent monthly cash flow
  • Repair strategies to fix trades that have gone bad while protecting the good ones
  • It’s an on-demand training course that comes with on-going support so that you can learn to adjust your strategies as market conditions change.

Click here to view the presentation and the discounted offer.


Video: Guest Presentation with Mark Dannenberg

Online Workshop “The Art of Trading, How to Simplify your Trading and Grow BIGGER Profits” with Mark Dannenberg.

In this free webinar Mark teaches  some of the key success factors to trading for consistent profits and how to simplify your trading:

  • The three keys to trading credit spreads profitably and consistently
  • How to create a forgiveness factor for each position
  • The two simple adjustments that can save most any position
  • How to choose when to get in without complicated technical indicators
  • How to use this simple approach to earn bigger profits
  • How to trade part-time in just 30 minutes per day and earn excellent returns
  • How to eliminate fear and stress from your trading
  • The three simple questions to answer everyday on each position to know exactly what action to take or not take

Mark also offers a free trial for those interested after viewing the webinar.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Access Mark’s SICP Live Trading Room the first hour of each market day
  • Access Mark’s Profit Builder Live Trading Room the last hour of each market day
  • Listen in as the Options Money Maker team discusses:Track their profits as they trade a live account in real-time
  • New and existing positions
  • Taking action to harvest profits
  • Position management and adjustments on current positions
  • Listen in on the Options Money Maker team hosts a Q&A session for their community of traders.
  • See what they do and how simple it can be to start earning profits in your own account. FREE for two weeks!

Please click here to view this free presentation and to sign-up for his free trial.


Video: Guest Presentation with Barry Burns

In the recorded webinar, guest Barry Burns teaches “How to Consistently Trade With Complete Confidence.”
I’m excited to share with you an amazing trading opportunity, and what’s really exciting is that …

Whether you trade:

  • Options
  • Stocks
  • Forex
  • Futures

This presentation will contain down-to-earth, practical trading tips you can start using immediately after the webinar.

Barry is also giving you his FREE Top Dog Trading Mini-Course: “Make Money by Breaking Every Trading Rule You Ever Learned!”

This 5-video course will teach you how the pros trade differently than amateurs by turning all the “traditional” rules completely upside down.

Click here to view his free guest presentation and claim your 5 video course.


Top Ranked Power Candlestick Signals and Patterns

The “Best Friend Signal”

In this recorded webinar Stephen Bigalow shows you how to:

  • Prepare for big price moves based on the historic results of specific signals and patterns…
  • Recognize the optimal criteria that correctly identifies the “Best Friend Signal”…
  • Determine reasonable expectations after identifying the “Best Friend Signal”…

…and much more!

View the recording here.

Happy Investing!


Video Recording Link: Guest Presenter Price Headley

Last week I hosted Price Headley where he shared the  benefits of the BigTrends ETF trading strategy, including…

  • How to Leverage Top Trending Systems to Spot Emerging Trends on SPY, TLT, GDX and IWM Over the Next 1-7 Days
  • The Importance of Daily and 30-Minute Charts for ETF Swing Traders
  • Review of Recent Trade Examples (Both Winners AND Losers)
  • Learn the Rules to Better Manage Your ETF Option Swing Trades
  • How to Gain Absolute Returns through Market Timing and Major Market Turning Points

Click here to view his offer to last week’s attendees.

Click here to view the video recording if you missed it!


Guest Presentation with Todd Gordon

I recently hosted Todd Gordon’s live “Selecting the Ideal Strike Price in Options” webinar. I wanted to make sure you had a chance to watch it if you weren’t able to attend.

Click here to watch last Friday’s webinar with Todd Gordon.

If you’re really serious about trading, then taking Todd’s workshop is an ideal first step.

Not only does it work, it’s a small investment you can make now and still have a realistic expectation of results.

So get it now while you can:

Learn more about Todd’s ‘Precision Timing Your Options Trades Using Fibonacci’ Workshop.


Video Link to Harry Boxer’s Guest Presentation

We hope you were able to join us for a Guest Presentation by Harry Boxer. If not, here’s a link where you may listen to the full presentation:

Click here to watch last night’s webinar with Harry Boxer

Harry shared his pattern recognition strategies for identifying winning trades, including:..

  • How to use intraday technicals and patterns to uncover trading candidates on intraday and daily charts
  • How to use price-volume surges as the key to identifying the most lucrative trades
  • How to prepare for each trading day and select stocks to monitor

Receive Harry’s free educational DVD (a 2-disc set) when you sign up for a free 7-day trial to his Live Trading Room (no credit card required).

Enjoy Harry’s NEW Live Trading Room

  • Day & Swing Trading Alerts throughout Session
  • Live Intraday Webcast & Chart Analysis
  • Minute-by-Minute Technical Market Analysis
  • Live Trading Room Chat w/ Harry & Members
  • Trackable Swing Trading Watchlist
  • Nightly Video Chart Analysis
  • Live Sat AM Webinar with Harry
  • Free Educational DVD Set

Stay tuned for more complimentary guest presentations as well as other promotional offers from guests and CandlestickForum.

Happy Investing,

Stephen Bigalow


Video: How to Eliminate Fear When Entering a Trade

We hope you were able to join us on Thursday for Steve Bigalow’s presentation where he showed us “How to Eliminate Fear when Entering a Trade.”

If you couldn’t join us Thursday night, please see below where you can watch the full presentation!

After the webinar Steve had a BIG announcement! He is currently offering a 40% discount to anyone who signs up on his “EARLY BIRD” list to be the first to gain access to his upcoming 6-part live online workshop entitled: Candlestick Profits: Eliminating Emotions With Candlestick Analysis.

The exact dates are still being decided, but Steve plans to offer this training within the next few months. There is no obligation to buy and no credit card is required. You will simply be signing up for early notifications about the event and you’ll get a 40% discount if you choose to access the training. You’ll also get the recordings of all live sessions.

Click here now to join the “EARLY BIRD” list!

Watch Video Here; How to Eliminate Fear When Entering a Trade


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